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Marlowe: Condominium High-Rise At 1211 Caroline St.


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This is HUGE news. The first ground-up for sale condo building in downtown Houston since... ever? 


We all saw what One Park Place did. Wonder if this will lead to 2-3 condo buildings following soon. I hope so. 


I'm actually surprised we haven't seen more condo development. The Galleria and downtown are the perfect markets for it.

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I'm half drunk at Dirt Bar right now. The Marlowe lot is still full of cars.

Just don't pass out drunk next to the chrome escalade...better yet, please do and take pics so we can show Randall Davis how excited we are about this development.

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Randall Davis Co. and DC Partners are also under construction on two other luxury condo towers in Houston:

  • Arabella, a 33-story, 99-unit tower at 4521 San Felipe, near the River Oaks District in the Galleria area. Units cost between $800,000 to $4 million.
  • Marlowe, a 20-story, 100-unit tower at 1311 Polk St in downtown Houston. Units cost between $400,000 and $1.4 million.
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