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  1. What is the best way to email the mayor? I doubt he would even read an email. It is infuriating that they don't want to make us into a city that is more livable! All anyone has to do is go to the Heights Bike trail to see the hundreds of people biking, walking, roller blading etc to see how successful it can be. The Heights is probably one of - if not the best - example of what a neighborhood can be. The surge in prices there prove that people want to get out of their cars at least once they get home from work.
  2. I wish it was taller. It's so depressing to go to Austin and see all those tall buildings under construction. We haven't had anything over 60 stories since the 80's.. Sigh.
  3. A neighbor told me that Hines and SCI are moving forward in 2024. SCI with a new headquarters high rise and Hines with mixed use high rises and the garage facing Stanford Street. Would love to see the plans.
  4. I think they could tear down the garages and build taller ones and add apartments above those still leave the office buildings.
  5. I hate that we haven’t had anything over 50 or so built since the 80’s in Houston.
  6. Ugh! Now Dallas and Austin will have taller buildings than us.
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