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  1. Best to hurry, could be gone any day. I wonder if they removed the huge glass cabinets loaded with trophys as soon as you enter in the vestibule area? maybe had to dismantle or were built in. I have to see my pics from 2 years ago. We always had the silent auction tables directly in front of them.
  2. Now that is interesting and makes sense. One day our kindergarten class took a field trip to the museum & Hermann Park and I recall us kids going gaga as we passed those fountains so they must have been fairly new (this was in 1966). They always had that modern 60's look too. Seperately: If any one can divulge what year the Sam Houston statue was placed there, who created it, etc that would be great.
  3. Only due to the present construction at 45/Wayside were we forced to go down MLK the other day. Just before you get to where Palm Center once stood were once numerous old dilapidated apts, they were directly across from Church of the Black Madonnna & Community Center. KIPP Academy has started construction on a new facility there. After passing by the old Palm Center you can hardly tell it even existed there. Strange what time can do.
  4. Just think, some one must have interior/exterior pics of this place. Bet in later years they always played "Brand New Key" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vr9rtQbijR8...feature=related
  5. Just answered my own question! www.houstonparksboard.org is where to find info...
  6. You mean there was an announcement asking for $ to build it up? I wonder if there is a paid staff or does city do upkeep? We discussed and described the original clubhouse in great detail with pics too. It was awesome. I personally would build one at least 4 - 5 levels high. Best views all around and swankiest events booked for years!
  7. Already worshiping this project from a distance! Gotta slap myself, I think I'm in Pacific Palisades or Santa Monica, Ca ! What!? Yeah!
  8. Unless I missed any updates? Two questions: 1. Does anyone know if this new Clubhouse facility was just talk or will it ever come into fruition? 2. Has anyone played gold here lately? I sure would love create a contest for whomever can design the neatest (most practical) Club House on this golf course? Would you design in Spanish Hacienda style or Italian Renaissance, or whatever. You get the gist of it.
  9. The project directly along Idlywood and bayou (Forest Park Lawndale side) is coming along quite nicely. Maybe I can snap some pics...
  10. What a transformation! The brand new house on Esperanza & Santa Rosa is beautiful! What once was a tiny old home with a big corner of yard is now a real showstopper! Hats of to the builder.
  11. Archbishop Daniel N. DiNardo lead the services at last nights huge special Chrism mass. I had not attended a service her in a good while but it never ceases to amaze me of what a grand place this is. Aside all the features and grandness of the building, its the effect the mass has on myself period. Sure wish Haif came with sound effects. The choir must be large and the sound of the Baroque pipe organ is something one must experience 1st hand. If I closed my eyes I would think I were in The Vatican, seriously. There had to have been over 1,000 in attendance last night and lasted a very long time. There were several processions as mass commenced. There were many uniformed men from Knights of Colombus leading in just before the (hundreds of new priests) entered & were seated. There were rows and rows of Sisters from numerous Convents from around the state in various colored attire. Reminded me of when we saw the Pope in Toronto for World Youth Day (Google) several years ago. There were several local news cameras on site to capture all of the images and action that night. Surreal.
  12. If anyone could show at least ONE photo of this Drive-In theater??? I guess I am a tad younger cause the only drive in theater I remember that far out was the old McClendon Triple Theater which we teens used to go to around 1974 to 1981? The McClendon has been discussed here on Haif a while back plsu the neato commercials they used to show in intermission. Never can forget 1$ dollar Monday nights. Just one buck got you in or if you were daring FREE if you crammed in the truck of the car.
  13. WHAT!? They used to pack em that place...always. I was just dreaming of a hot turkey w/dressing, cranberry sauce, brocolli & cheese, steamed vegetables & salad plus a tall ice tea & fresh cornbread. (bewildered look) Remodeling perhaps? I was in dire need of that of course.
  14. Yes that was a tad bizarre. I never gave it any thought but this place goes back to 1971? Whoah! I assumed it wasn't opened until after early 80's. Hmmm. That Sears Automtive has always been one I always could always rely on. Managers and staff always quick and attentive. No comparing to the Sears on Main st. Anyone know when the Luby's was inserted into that mall?
  15. The beer can lamps came in Busweiser, Coors, Lone Star, etc. That store did have major cool stuff! I bought one of those long rectangular glass enclosed things that contained BLUE liquid inside. As the casing tilted back & forth the blue substance would roll up and down like a real ocean wave, major cool! Most of the these shops had some of the newest, chrisp off the presses Rock n Roll band T-shirts too. I clearly recall Led Zeppelin, Bad company, Eagles (I still have a pic of me in y Hotel California T) The Who, Boston, Yes, then once New Wave became all the rage, those cool T's ala The Pretender's, Blondie, Devo, invaded the racks. Many of these stores were also allowed to sell "rocks" that really neatly psychedelic colored rock w/a hole thru it so people could place thier doobees inside & puff away?They even featured huge bong's I suppose for big parties, etc. What ? Ever notice the managers, and staff always seemed lind of hippish at these stores? Coincidence?lol
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