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  1. A paving permit was purchased Friday for 1887 Ennis St. Details from the permit: Use: 28,919 sf new senior apartments 1-4-5-R2-A '15IBC SPK M/2 FCC Group: Apartments The permits are for New Hope Housing, an affordable senior housing development going in East Downtown.
  2. Photos of The Tipsy Sloth from Google Maps and an Instagram story. The Tipsy Sloth opened over the weekend at 3517 Navigation Blvd. It's a rebranding of Fitzcarraldo.
  3. Fitzcarraldo is now The Tipsy Sloth. Located at 3517 Navigation Boulevard, the bar has been closed for a few months for renovations. The Tipsy Sloth opened under its new name over the weekend. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thetipsyslothhtx/ Google Maps listing: https://maps.app.goo.gl/5bmpg9zkDuq3iQPdA
  4. El Cucuy recently shared update on the progress of its forthcoming Houston location. The update and a photo were posted Friday to Instagram. Located at 3921 North Main St, El Cucuy is a bar & grill concept out of New Orleans. The Houston location involves the team behind Dan Electros. Caption from the Instagram post: Doors and windows are in! https://www.instagram.com/p/C59Uw21SboF/
  5. I agree. Saving this building and restoring it is great for the neighborhood and the city, IMHO. As previously mentioned, the Houston outpost of El Cucuy involves Alex Jackson and Will Thomas. Both are the new owners of Dan Electros. Eater Houston published an article last fall with a blurb about Jackson, who is a local real estate developer. He is also partnering with El Cucuy's owners on the Houston location. The article also highlighted Jackson's work in developing other properties like Vibrant's Montrose location and natural wine store and bar Light Years. Jackson said this about those properties and more, which I would think also applies to the 3921 N Main property: “I have a love of fixing up older properties,” Jackson admits, citing that most of the structures he acquires are considered tear-downs. He aims to give them another lease on life. “By keeping these older buildings around, we’re preserving their history and creating something unique for the city.” https://houston.eater.com/23969503/houston-live-music-venue-bar-dan-electros-heights-openings
  6. Following the demolition of the former home of The Ginger Man at 5607 Morningside Dr, salvaged memorabilia will be auctioned. Items will be sold at Rice Village Farmers Market between 9am and 1pm. Additional details from the event listing: Swing by our Farmers Market at the corner of Amherst & Kirby on April 21st from 9am to 1pm to snag a piece of Rice Village history. In addition to our normal fare, we’ll also have The Ginger Man memorabilia up for auction. Winners can pick up their items at the following Farmers Market on May 5th. All proceeds from the Ginger Man Memorabilia Auction will be donated to the American Heart Association. https://rice-village.com/event/ginger-man-memorabilia-farmers-market/
  7. Last month, Rice Village posted a progress update. Additionally, the update referenced forthcoming changes for two of its properties: 5607 Morningside Dr (longtime site of The Ginger Man) 2507 Times Blvd (previously occupied by Beautique Day Spa / Salon and Mecox) Below is the text from the announcement: Over the last several years, Rice has made improvements in the Rice Village area that have increased public open space and walkability. Though the pandemic created significant challenges for retailers, Rice Village has remained an attractive location for local, national and artisan retailers. Rice Real Estate Company is now leading a comprehensive site assessment for its holdings in Rice Village to examine both near-term and long-term opportunities for improvements in the following areas: Rice Village Walkability – Enhance the pedestrian experience with additional amenities and inviting green spaces that connect to the surrounding communities. Rice Village Infrastructure & Mobility – Improve existing infrastructure, including efficiency of parking and mobility. Rice Village Programmatic Planning – Establish a mix of uses, taking the age and condition of existing buildings into consideration. Additionally, RREC will be addressing immediate challenges with two existing buildings: 5607 Morningside Dr.: formerly occupied by The Ginger Man which closed permanently in 2020 due to unprecedented challenges faced during the pandemic. The condition of the building does not meet current code requirements for occupancy. 2507 Times Blvd.: formerly occupied by Beautique and Mecox, the building suffered extensive damage after a devastating fire last summer. Due to the compromised structural integrity caused by the fire, the building is not occupiable. In order to prevent these buildings from becoming a challenge to the safety and wellbeing of Rice Village patrons and visitors, we will begin the process to demolish both buildings in the coming weeks. We have been able to recover some treasured memorabilia salvaged from The Ginger Man, including beer steins and original signage, and will make available for the public to bid on at a later date. More details to follow. https://rice-village.com/event/rice-village-progress-update/ https://rice-village.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/Rice-Village-Progress-Update-3.5.24.pdf
  8. The Rice Thresher recently published an article on Rice Village through the years. The article goes through the shopping hub's transformation and ownership over the decades. There is also commentary from alumni and current students regarding the changes. https://www.ricethresher.org/article/2024/04/change-is-inevitable-rice-village-through-the-years
  9. I can see parking issues caused by patrons from near businesses in the evenings. If that's the problem the landlord and property management are trying to address, then I can understand the need for parking meter. To that point, I agree with the idea you proposed. If towing signs for non-shopping center patrons aren't installed already, maybe that's another option management can explore.
  10. You're right. The newer pizza offerings in the Heights area provide a little bit of everything for everyone. There's Roman-style pizza from ORG Pizza Garden. Then you have the Detroit pizzas from Gold Tooth Tony's and soon Via 313. And the list goes on. I'm happy to see this development added a second phase. Between the two additions, they should help to increase traffic into this retail center.
  11. I'm unsure when the implementation of archiving topics took place, but is there anyway to undo this? There have been discussions on Someburger's patio renovations on various social platforms. I was going to post the photos to the respective topic only to find it archived. The topic was open last year. I'm not sure if the recent forum update implemented the archived status to older topics that haven't been updated in a while or not. Also, archived topics don't appear in the search results, per responses on Invision's support forum. It would seem on a forum dedicated to Houston's ever-changing landscape and discussions of architecture, hidden archived topics from search can be an issue. https://www.houstonarchitecture.com/topic/1942-someburger-stand-at-745-e-11th-st/
  12. Several permits were purchased yesterday for 1215 N Durham Dr, Suite A-200: Sign construction permit Sign operating permit Signs electrical installation permit Details from the permits: Use: N5 Ilum 1FC 33x4x16 -logo- Verona Spa & Nails; N3 Ilum 1FC 24x3x14 -logo- Verona Spa & Nails FCC Group: High technology sign The permits are for Verona Spa & Nails. The nail salon is one of several retail tenants for Durham Row. Sign construction permit Sign operating permit Signs electrical installation permit
  13. @McD.land, thanks for responding and the insight. I appreciate it.
  14. Several occupancy permits were purchased yesterday for 2121 Main St, Suite A. The listed occupant on the permit is Andy's Home Cafe. However, I think this is incorrect. It's likely a typo. I'm assuming the permit is for 2121 N Main St, Suite A, where that unit was recently vacated.
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