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  1. Construction update this week. Looking forward to this tower being covered in glass!
  2. Construction update on the Cullen Tower this week: Good look at the water cistern underneath. Just massive!!
  3. This week's construction update. That concrete slant is the auditorium! Looked at the renderings some more and figured it out. SOPH. Presumably, the auditorium goes here: SCRB5. SCG2.
  4. Sino Biological's Center for Bioprocessing (C4B): US-based CRO Services June 14, 2024 https://www.sinobiological.com/news/c4b-business Since its opening, the C4B has executed 200+ projects, garnering 4.5 out of 5 stars on customer satisfaction. Specializing in recombinant protein and antibody production utilizing mammalian expression systems, the C4B ensures high purity and minimal endotoxin levels of the finished products.
  5. Out for bidding!! The taller one is set to be 26 stories with a height of 438 feet. At full build-out it will be 3.1 million square feet, Phase 1 includes 1.9 million square feet. This will be massive, imposing at street level. The METRORail Red Line will go right next to it when passing Fannin Street. This also extends the Holcombe Blvd skyline! MD Anderson does it again. Let's go!!
  6. Edit: Same site! Demolition and rebuild. I searched the address before creating the thread only to discover: Twelve Oaks Hospital At 4200 Portsmouth St. The words are jumbled together. I wonder if this was done on purpose when the old Twelve Oaks Hospital was demolished? River Oaks Hospital & Clinics At 4200 Twelve Oaks Pl. Twelve Oaks Hospital At 4200 Portsmouth St. Reference:
  7. Today I stopped by the hidden-away River Oaks Hospital & Clinics. There seems to be a mini medical district right off of the Southwest Freeway and on Richmond Avenue. There is 3, maybe 4 medical clinics in that immediate area. Anybody ever been here that can rate the care received? I wonder who the owner of the hospital is? I would just assume most people would go to Houston Methodist if they ever needed care. I guess this clinic, and hospital, is much smaller so it (could) be easier to navigate. In and out service. Free parking too! Presumably at least. I wonder if HCA owns it? They own a lot of smaller clinics. Edit: Looks like it's owned by Advanced Diagnostics Healthcare. River Oaks Hospital & Clinics website: https://www.rohc.care/ Advanced Diagnostics Healthcare website: https://adhealthcare.net/ Photos I took today:
  8. This is a nice looking retail center. Some of the tenants include Wing Stop, Infinity Nail Spa, Martin Gentlemen Salon, and Melrose Ultra Lounge. Photos I took today:
  9. Anyone have reviews of the Richmond Avenue Animal Clinic? Their street signage is very notable, with a good address affixed. Photos I took today.
  10. The business name Fort Bend Music Center, is unusual to the Greenway Plaza-area neighborhood. I think my father used to come here for sheet music? If that makes any sense. What's the deal with the company Complete Piano at 3133 Southwest Freeway? I thought they were also owned by Fort Bend Music Center? Where does Sherman Clay (of SClay Management) come into the two companies? He was the original owner of the piano and music stores? Pictures I took today:
  11. Any thoughts on redeveloping the Whataburger fast food establishment in River Oaks? How about a small deli or bistro that serves sandwiches, soups, and salads? Maybe have local beer taps and frozen drinks such as margaritas and sangria? Any idea what type of business was here before Whataburger? It has been there for 20 years if I recall correctly. I stopped by today and took pictures of the building and sign:
  12. One of the few gas stations in Houston that is surrounded by high-rises. I believe this was recently a Shell and it was bought and rebranded as Exxon. Their street signage is very tall! I guess to attract people traveling on the West Loop. An artsy picture I took today with the Amegy Bank tower in between the signage: Bowen River Oaks and the gas station: Arabella and the gas station: Store front showing address:
  13. MD Anderson bought a big shut-down store in Champions Forest. They repurposed the large building to create the Northwest Houston Surgery & Specialty Care. Noticed this on TDLR this week: Start Date: 7/15/2024 Estimated Cost: $9,000,000 Type Of Work: Renovation/Alteration Scope Of Work: Project Is Phase 2 Of The Renovation Of The Previous Inpatient Hospital In The Champions Forest Suburb Of Houston, TX. This Phase Includes Approximately 40,000SF Of Renovation Across All Three Floors. Square Footage: 40,000 Ft 2 Photo of the MD Anderson building in Champions.
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