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  1. Last week I stopped by T2 to check the status of the Sylvie restaurant construction. I walked in and was very surprised to see a pop-up art gallery! ELLIO Fine Art & Texas Tower Celebrate World Art Day. April 8th - 19th, 2024. Photos I took of the art:
  2. My visit to TMCHP this weekend. There is pedestrian activity! There was an event with food and merchandise. This is a very good thing that people are starting to notice this amazing park. The park is kind of hidden. Hoping that the 30 to 40 story hotel tower will make TMC3 stand out from afar. There is actually all sorts of activities that go on here. Check out the official website for a weekly schedule! https://www.helixpark.com/ Don't want to get anyone excited but there is utility work going on outside the hotel parcel. Fingers crossed something happens soon! Dynamic One was touched up again. Now the base exterior paint matches with the rest of the building. Looking good!!
  3. The UTHealth School of Public Health building is rising so fast! Construction update from today. SCRB5. SOPH. SCG2.
  4. Construction update this week. Going fast! BCMCT (Baylor College of Medicine Cullen Tower)
  5. Will there be street signage displaying the companies at LGB1? I believe those plates on the right are removable for name changes? Let's fill those up! The flowers/plants are in-season and look amazing. Love the blue and purple flowers!
  6. Site visit today. I haven't taken any photographs of the two vacant parcels in a few years. I'm sure something tall will go here. It will, however, take a few years to plan out. I'd love to have a mixed-use tower. A single tower containing office, apartments, residences, and retail. Vacant lot a long Westcreek Lane. Vacant lot a long Westheimer Road.
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