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  1. Islamic Da’wah Center
  2. 29°46'04.0"N 95°22'04.4"W 29°46'04.0"N 95°22'04.4"W Houston, TX https://goo.gl/maps/p3X5g2LC4BYQt7V9A
  3. Alsco’s (formerly Admiral Linen) 3.77 acres at 2030 Kipling is for sale: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/texas-inc/article/Linen-company-to-leave-longstanding-Montrose-15396943.php
  4. Is there some sort of cladding on the courtyard walls, or is the concrete just painted? It appears to no longer be raw concrete in your (and hindesky's) photos.
  5. Behind BakerRipley Lionel Castillo Community Center
  6. Presumably somewhere in the Hill Country...
  7. I commend you for taking the time to protect the unwashed readership of HAIF from misinformation.
  8. I realize that article was from last October, but the rebar work and rebricking of the facade was only completed about a month or so ago. This additional work also had a major impact on their capital budget. I was simply responding to a question about why the guest house had not yet been relocated to make way for the completion of the visitor center/office/plaza complex north of the chapel. My apologies to mkultra25 for not citing him/her for referencing a Chronicle article six months ago. Jeez, this is why I rarely post on this site.
  9. Did you miss this part of the article?: “And when construction crews dismantled the chapel’s acoustical ceiling tiles this summer to prepare the building for a new skylight, they found the concrete support walls were built without steel reinforcement. This was a common building practice in 1970, and the chapel is grandfathered from current codes written with an eye toward 130 mile-per-hour hurricane gusts, said executive director David Leslie. But the chapel’s leadership took no chances. “This is a simple matter of stewardship,” Leslie said. “I don’t like to use double negatives, but we cannot not do it. … If a weather incident hit the walls at just the right angle, you could lose the chapel. A wall could collapse.” Lead architect Stephen Cassell of the New York firm Architecture Research Office said visitors were never in danger of being inside a toppling building, because the chapel would be closed during a major hurricane event. But he and ARO partner Adam Yarinsky were also mindful of protecting Rothko’s priceless paintings.”
  10. Unforeseen structural issues with the chapel have set them back from both a budget and time perspective: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/entertainment/arts-theater/article/rothko-chapel-construction-update-14572005.php#photo-18521929
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