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  1. Whitmire would've accused them of not being real residents and anti-car activists if they did.
  2. Ooof that must've set him off considering how often he emphasizes that he's different from Turner.
  3. Sounds like the mayor can't take what he dishes out.
  4. Wait wasn't the Red and Blue paint added for safety? And now they're removing it.... for safety? Something doesn't add up 🤔 ETA: It seems like most of these decisions are being made without feedback, input, or vote from the board. Between the Red Lanes, University BRT, and now this, it seems like having a board is meaningless now if one person can just make a change without input whenever they feel like it. ETA2: Also seems like a certain someone (or certain people) seem to have a mission to make METRO as inefficient as possible.
  5. I admire your optimism but we can't even get BRT built in this city let alone light or heavy rail Although, I always envisioned the university corridor as a heavy commuter rail line or elevated/below-grade heavy or light rail on Westheimer to compliment the University BRT.
  6. I hate Whitmire and Brock so much right now...
  7. https://ridemetro.granicus.com/MetaViewer.php?view_id=7&event_id=1402&meta_id=72947 Attending the meeting and expressing your concerns about pausing METRONEXT, and supporting the BRT projects might be worth a shot.
  8. Racist dog-whistle aside, what's the point of having referendums for public transit if our politicians and board members keep throwing them away because they don't like it? And I don't get Brock citing Whitmire's election as proof that the voters don't want it. More people voted yes on METRONext than they did for Whitmire (for the RUNOFF ELECTION I might add). It's not fair to say Whitmire's victory means that people don't want METRONext anymore cause that seems more like an apple-to-orange comparison. It also seems like a gross misuse of public funds that we voted for, not to mention the METRONext plan already accounted for microtransit and increased security/safety in the first place. Seriously have any other cities been screwed over as much as Houston has when it comes to public transportation? We can't even get BRT for pete's sake! ETA: It really feels like Houston is regressing back to the 20th century with Bob Lanier 2.0 in charge.
  9. All the nice neighborhood needs to do is call their best buddy Whitmire and let him know that this project is threatening their "freedom" to drive and it's over. Mr. Engineering Mayor is quick to cancel projects that won't benefit his donors constituents.
  10. Man, I am so glad that Whitmire killed or paused all those bike and brt projects and is in favor of allowing TXDOT to pave all over us again. He saved Houston! It's hard to be optimistic about this city with the way things are going. :/
  11. I said it in another post, but I'll just post it here too To add onto that, I'd extend the Green and Purple Line up Houston Ave (suck it Trinity Downtown) then it turns left on Washington Ave, runs through Washington Ave (and Westcott St) and Old Katy Road to the NWTC. From there it'd turn right on Post Oak and follow the (future?) Uptown/Inner Katy BRT to the Northwest Mall (assuming the high-speed rail even gets built). I'd also have it connect to the (imaginary) 290 commuter rail. I'd also have a rail or BRT down Highway 6 between Westpark Tollway and the Energy Corridor (and maybe extend it further north and south).
  12. Because that worked so well the last time.... 🙄
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