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  1. Didn't bother to read but here's what ChatGPT had to say: This passionate statement expresses concerns about proposed developments in the Rice Village area, focusing on a specific property owned by Randall Davis. The author emphasizes the historical significance of the neighborhood, its unique charm, and the investment of its residents. They argue against the potential construction of a 13-story building due to various reasons: The current property ownership status according to the Harris County Appraisal District. Zoning and building restrictions, including height limitations and sewer usage. Concerns about garbage pickup logistics and increased traffic congestion. Potential negative impact on nearby residential areas, including blocking views and exacerbating flooding issues. Criticism of past developments by Randall Davis and skepticism about promises made for future projects. Issues with the accuracy of building plans and potential discrepancies with existing infrastructure. Personal investment in the community and desire to preserve its character and quality of life. Overall, the author urges readers to research the proposed development and consider its potential consequences for the Rice Village community. They emphasize the importance of community cohesion and preservation in the face of rapid urban development.
  2. ‘Now’s the time’: Amtrak leader urges momentum on Dallas-to-Houston high-speed rail
  3. They must leave the construction lights on as it's crazy bright in these sections at night.
  4. I organized a 3.5 mile walk from Graffiti Park to Post zigzagging through downtown Houston with locals and out of towners this past weekend. It was fun seeing all the murals. I wouldn't do it during summer though .. This is the general route we took.
  5. I like taking people inside the bank because most people don't know and so it's surprise.
  6. City declines to release records about Houston Avenue median, citing terrorism concerns
  7. Mayor Whitmire defends decision to remove Houston Avenue medians
  8. ‘I want our parks to be accessible and affordable’: Mayor John Whitmire opposes increasing fees at Houston public parks
  9. I know people that went. Does that count?
  10. Developers don't care once people have bought their homes. Remember those homes built inside the reservoir that flooded during Harvey? I wouldn't be surprised if there is language in the home deeds that says TCR has the ability to ED land at rate agreed upon with developer.
  11. MacKenzie Scott is doing a better job than all the other billionaires.
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