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  1. I saw the Fox News report on Chief Finners news conference concerning the rapes this morning. a reporter pointed out that =>we're not talking about vagrancy, BMV, or robbery..... there was DNA evidence....still got shelved......how does that happen? Finner replied... We're all frustrated ......not enough police for a city this size I got Deja vu that response was so similar to the the responses I received 2hen I began trying to raise awareness at COH Honestly, I had wrote to my District C, and all the at large .....when I did get a response- it was so mealy mouth everyone else? Crickets! Honestly- no outrage - no brainstorming -no potential problem solving solutions. Just how long will all the muckity-mucks keep shielding themselves behind =>not enough cops on the street? Geez I've been hearing that for 20 years now- surely there is solution.
  2. https://www.houstonpublicmedia.org/articles/police/2024/04/09/482951/forensic-review-of-suspended-sex-assault-reports-finds-links-to-other-cases-houston-police-chief-says/
  3. I've been waiting to post this picture for a few years now......really thought there might be some sort of "improvement" at this intersection...... I've been in Manhattan for a few weeks so of course my pie-in-the-sky meter of what public art could and should be is soaring....... now with COH broke......new administration disinterested....Metro renovation of Westheimer will be done as cheaply ( code for very little soul nor flair)......I'll post just as a conversation starter. BTW-- it's no secret I miss the old "M" statue ( I think COH lost it) and the original Obedience Smith tiles ( yup again lost by COH)
  4. Children learning about local compost at Nature's Way Resource   The Power of Environmental Education: Fostering Awareness, Empowerment, and Action In a world grappling with pressing environmental challenges, the role of education in nurturing ecological awareness and action has never been more crucial. Environmental education, encompassing a wide range of learning experiences that aim to deepen understanding of environmental issues and inspire sustainable behaviors, holds the key to creating a more environmentally literate and empowered society. At its core, environmental education seeks to foster a sense of connection to the natural world. By immersing learners in hands-on experiences, whether in outdoor settings or through experiential activities, it cultivates an appreciation for the beauty, complexity, and intrinsic value of nature. From observing the intricate interplay of ecosystems to marveling at the wonders of biodiversity, environmental education opens eyes to the wonders that surround us. Houston has a vibrant, eclectic group of eco heroes living and working all throughout the city and its boarders. One wouldn't have to look far when seeking out environmental education. The Houston Environmental Resources for Educators (HERE) is an organization that brings all of the varies types of educators together who want to teach about Texas's local ecosystems. Quarterly meetings of the Environmental Educators Exchange are held every other Friday with the goal to provide a unique space to rejuvenate, network and learn about trends in environmental education in the Gulf Coast region. Other organizations that are noteworthy are Children's Environmental Literacy Foundation, Texas Association for Environmental Education and Texas Children in Nature. In an era of unprecedented environmental change, the importance of environmental education cannot be overstated. By fostering awareness, empowerment, and action, it equips individuals with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to navigate the complexities of the 21st century. From nurturing a sense of wonder and connection to inspiring advocacy and activism, environmental education holds the power to shape a more sustainable and resilient future for all. Let us seize the opportunity to invest in environmental education and empower the next generation of environmental stewards.
  5. I thought there would be more push back ( maybe even street protests) to the 4000 Rape cases HPD shelved. Was the number of Murder cases shelved ever mentioned? What was public's reaction to that?
  6. Hmmmmm I watched all the planning with the first lower Westheimer renovation.......so many years passed.....so much complaining. It seems COH has a hard time with doing things the correct way first.........
  7. I get the feeling there is a big question just hovering........why is COH using @#$% asphalt now and not completely renovating Westheimer road in a manner that might last decades instead of a couple of years?
  8. That brand new asphalt used on Waugh and. commonwealth looks like crapolla after 2 years- guess this will be more of the same.
  9. There is an article in Chronicle today: Rape Case in Middle of Inquiry This article will give an important bit of background to HPD giving out crime statistics.
  10. When the word "repave" is used I'm always curious as to COH mea ns? Concrete or black top?
  11. Surely that tree should have been made into a tree sculpture of Baba Yega!
  12. Heard anything concerning ""old " city council members? Will any of those segue into other jobs with Whitmire administration?
  13. Uh huh I wish that would extend to public swimming pools. I've written a few council members about opening up the pool at multiservice center one day a week to the neighborhood for a slight fee. All-- really all, of Montrose is a public pool desert.
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