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  1. They are moving to Post HTX. No idea what will happen to the building on Rutland.
  2. Best restaurant news in the Heights in years. Magnol is amazing. I have been hoping that they would move to the Heights for years.
  3. The realtor on the first floor is also moving out. I would guess that the first floor space could be put back together into a single restaurant space like it was when it was Heights General Store.
  4. For the next three years, whenever a neighborhood has an urgent infrastructure need, they should go to city council and ask Whitmire to get it done. Then, when Whitmire tells them that there is a lengthy public improvement process with a lot of projects already in line, the neighborhood can then say "yeah, but what about Houston Ave?" The speed at which this is getting done is nothing more than a political favor with one set of constituents in the city getting to cut the line over others. Quitmire is going to set himself up for a tough reelection fight in 3 years if he is just going to give out goodies to connected constituents for the next three years.
  5. The main point of the 11th street redesign was not just to put in bike lanes. It was to make it possible for pedestrians and cyclists to cross 11th street without having to frogger through 4 lanes of people going 45 mph trying to cut through the Heights to avoid highway traffic jams. Bike lanes on 14th would not have done anything to help with that. Thus, the 14th street suggestion was not really a serious answer to the problems on 11th street and was clearly just an attempt by opponents to claim that they are on the side of bike improvements when they really aren't.
  6. s3mh

    METRORail Turns 20

    In the Houston world of make believe, the high speed rail between Houston and Dallas would have a station somewhere around the 610/Hemstead Rd. area and then a light rail line would connect to downtown either via the existing rail line that we all get stuck behind around Center St. and Heights or a line that would go down Washington Ave. It might actually not be make believe given that Lizzie Fletcher took Culberson's seat and might actually get fed dollars instead of opposing it. But G. Abbott would probably get the legislature to pass a ban on local governments building light rail lines just to own the libs.
  7. Ok. Now add a circle for commercial real estate developers.
  8. I wonder what the Venn diagram would look like for people who oppose removing a vehicle lane for bike lanes/wider side walks and those who are for getting rid of parking minimums? If we are going to make Houston more dense and pull back on parking minimums then you have to also make the streets safe for pedestrians and bikes. Off hand, I can think of four pedestrian/cyclist fatalities within a mile of my house in the Heights. A jogger got hit by a car one house up the street from my house. Fortunately, it was just a few bad bruises, but the area between Buffalo Bayou and 610 has added thousands of multifamily units and lots of retail space is following. We are not going to have a livable city if the only (semi) safe transportation option is driving.
  9. We will know for sure when the agenda for the planning commission is posted. But my guess is that the parking lot is going to be developed into a town home farm by Lovett and they want to be able to match the setback that the existing retail development has.
  10. Tin Drum is a chain from Atlanta. They have about a dozen location in and around ATL and they are pretty popular. I would not expect this location to shut down just because some yelpers don't like it and they don't have a line around the corner. With these chain concepts, they will often have to operate at a loss in a new market for a while just so they can get a foothold and continue to expand in the new market. Tin Drum is basically a slightly more authentic fast pan Asian food than Pei Wei. It is designed to go into strip malls in the burbs and not meant to wow the foodies. Similar chain concepts are going in all over the greater Heights, whether they be a salad concept or whatever. They are just looking for market share as they expand out nationally. Hopefully there will be enough new retail square footage in the Heights that there will be plenty of room for creative new local concepts to find spots among the regional and national chains and franchises. Even with high rents, the kind of business places like Boomtown, Rice Box, Tony's Gold Tooth and Burger Joint do make it possible for good local concepts to thrive in the high rent environment.
  11. They will have big shoes to fill and don't have nearly as good a location, but bagels are coming back to the (greater) Heights. Brazos Bagel is coming to the odd little strip center at Durham and Larkin just north of the I-10 feeder. It will be where Nourish and Kalos used to be. And if you were wondering, Tins at the other end of the strip is a fancy Omakase restaurant. https://www.brazosbagel.com/
  12. Alice Blue is also closing. Sad to see Claire Smith leave. She open Shade back when there was almost nothing in the Heights. Her trailblazing brought in Scott Tycer, Lance Fegen, Ryan Pera and others and set into motion a huge influx of restaurants that continues today. I just hope the spot stays with a local chef and an original concept. Starbucks has established a bulkhead on 11th st. Vigilance is needed in the Heights. https://www.theleadernews.com/community/another-heights-restaurant-bids-farewell-alice-blue-to-close-feb-25-2024/article_b6dd4650-bb97-11ee-8583-2fe26d37cc36.html
  13. I'll make a deal with Starbucks. I will call off the Stop Heights Starbucks movement if they promise to make anyone blocking the feeder at their 610 location drive down to this one.
  14. Gonna put it out there that the rate of new Berg concepts hitting the market in Houston is starting to have a bit of a Mattress Firm of restaurants feel to it. I like his restaurants and Trattoria Sofia is packed all the time. But is there enough room in the Houston restaurant market for 18 different restaurants, most of which are high end concepts?
  15. HISD will show no significant improvement in testing and will continue to lose students at an alarming rate. Abbott will then claim that this shows that public schools are damaged beyond repair and make HISD his case for vouchers in 2025. Whitmire will cave to the firefighters and then have to slash the City's budget. A revitalized Texans will cause a group of investors to come together to back a plan to renovate the Astrodome into a multipurpose event space that can compliment the conventions, rodeo and NFL tailgating. The plan will go nowhere.
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