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  1. Does anyone have more specifics on this? Like timeline, funding, etc
  2. I love driving down this area and seeing a wall of buildings. It's only going to get denser
  3. The mayor got in that picture, not the other way around
  4. He got the I Love 11th St festival proclaimed by the city. This is huge!
  5. LFG!!! My boy @Emmanuel representing 11th St. and making the haters real mad
  6. Just imagine if the mayor would quit BSing about Montrose Boulevard and make it a designated gateway for Montrose with nice wide sidewalks
  7. Someone posted on X that the mayor is feeling the heat from Houstonians wanting safe infrastructure and he seems to be changing his tune a bit. I'm not against what he's saying but I don't like that he categorizes anyone outside of a car as not commuting
  8. Email the mayor. He needs to hear from people like you.
  9. Haven't they talks about adding a light before the trail? I feel I heard that somewhere.
  10. https://abc13.com/amp/deadly-auto-pedestrian-crashes-in-houston-spring-branch-crash-westheimer-man-killed-walkways/14579613/ This mayor DOES NOT GET IT. His response to someone dying just trying to cross the street is law enforcement. He views cycling as purely recreational and not as a means of getting around. If he’s serious that he supports bike paths then we need to build off of what’s been done on the bayous and make some real connections to the same destinations drivers are accommodated.
  11. They literally said that word for word at the forum. "Our goal is to move people fast." And you think TxDOT is going to admit this is part of the 45 reroute?
  12. Metro in general does a terrible job marketing their services. In my opinion they should market to the younger crowd but they seem to not even understand their own audience and who supports them. I'm not happy about the service cut either but let's see where this lands with public input. I'm curious to see how people respond.
  13. The point is the Feds told them they can't start construction yet and they're acting as though this drainage project isn't part of the bigger 45 reroute when it is. At the end of the day TxDOT doesn't care. Even the rep they had at the Baker Institute Transit Forum didn't hold back in letting everyone know that TxDOT's only priority is moving people fast.
  14. I mean I understand the concern but we need to look at things with a bit of reason
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