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  1. Listed in HAR - $525K https://www.har.com/homedetail/114-delmar-st-202-houston-tx-77011/16696659?cid=WALKERR
  2. Lots of new signage and displays along the trail
  3. If this listing is correct, looks like they are tearing down the existing buildings and putting in townhomes ? https://www.har.com/homedetail/3406-lamar-houston-tx-77003/16697037?cid=WALKERR
  4. Looks like a water feature in the retention pond They have a gate to allow access to the trail These 4 units are outside the development's fence
  5. Woman, dog ran over by construction equipment north of downtown Houston https://www.click2houston.com/news/local/2024/02/07/woman-dog-ran-over-by-construction-equipment-in-north-of-downtown-houston/
  6. Under contract at $1.2 million https://www.har.com/homedetail/5203-5209-harrisburg-blvd-houston-tx-77011/16280969?cid=WALKERR
  7. It was a speeding motorcycle https://abc13.com/deadly-motorcycle-crash-driver-slams-into-bicyclist-man-riding-bicycle-killed-in-east-downtown-fatal/12679771/
  8. Enlarging the retention pond. Water was actually flowing away from the retention pond into the road on the opposite side of the development
  9. From ABC13... Crime increases at East End Greyhound terminal after hub transfer, city data shows https://abc13.com/greyhound-houston-transfer-magnolia-park-crime-increase-safety/14282030/#:~:text=ABC13 looked at city data,theft%2C trespassing%2C and assault.
  10. Most of the sidewalks are now open (they are still working on the main entrance area)
  11. Are all the units 1 BR ? That's all the apartments.com website is showing
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