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  1. This is interesting, this is already a take out only/drive thru coffee shop. Wonder how they're going to incorporate the car wash concept with that.
  2. Renovations include: Elevating the valet entrance aesthetics on the north and east side of the Galleria Installing 155,000 square feet of new flooring (essentially to provide consistency throughout the mall, right now the high gloss porcelain is only in the luxury sections of the mall, new flooring would be from the Nordstrom section to the Forever 21 section) Renovating multiple entryways with new doors and lighting Ceiling enhancements Updated landscaping New/updated railings
  3. Huge lot fronting Westheimer is up for sale. My guess is this will probably sit for a while, but huge opportunity! https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/6020-Westheimer-Rd-Houston-TX/31332355/
  4. Looks like it will be pretty decent looking...hopefully https://citychoicehomes.com/communities/willowbend-point-coming-soon
  5. This lot will be turned into Quick Quack Car Wash. IMO, huge plus, this lot was extremely run down and quite ugly. Quick Quack's aesthetics fits well with Kemah's, they also create a nice landscape and rebuild sidewalks.
  6. Has there been any push back from TIRZ/ representatives in the Heights for his decision? Leaving out this middle piece of Shepherd/ Durham is going to make the Heights area feel less cohesive. He's coming off very hard headed in his decision that affects hundreds and thousands of people, its infuriating!
  7. I think the renderings insinuates that the those parking spaces in your post will be replaced by the patio the others have posted. Small but still better than nothing.
  8. Atlanta gets federal funding for deck over their downtown highway. Just more reassurance that we will for sure land something! https://www.bisnow.com/atlanta/news/economic-development/downtown-stitch-gets-massive-federal-funding-for-first-phaase-123297
  9. I pass by this building almost everyday for work, its looks like it leased out to a vintage clothing pop up. Every weekend/ certain days there will be a line of teenagers with bags waiting to be let in. Im assuming this is just temporary though.
  10. Imagine whining about a luxury mid-rise going up in your neighborhood thats in the dead center of the 4th largest city in America....meanwhile, some people in Houston are living in cancer clusters fighting a years long battle (Kashmere Gardens/Deer Park/etc), some people are losing/lost their home due to eminent domain, some/A LOT of people aren't even able to buy homes in this economy. I understand we all have a right to an opinion and thats what this platform was intended for, but omg the entitlement??? Mentioning that the homes behind it are a "MILLION DOLLARS" is somehow supposed to make us shed a tear? Finding a way to also criticize a suburb (Fulshear) by saying its all cutie cutter now Daddy was a Yankee? Ok, does he want a cookie? Sorry to break it to you, but that doesn't make your argument more important than anyone else. May this building grow another 2 stories 🙏
  11. These strip center type buildings are legit killing me
  12. You can be a religious/ church-goer and still criticize something the church constructs/ designs 😂 you won't go to hell for saying the church's parking lot is ugly... i'm sure god would agree that it is in fact unwelcoming....its literally gated off from the entire neighborhood 😂 its not rocket science. Just because there is a lockable pedestrian gate directly in front of the church's entrance, doesn't make it welcoming... if anything you kind of proved that its unwelcoming.
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