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  1. Let's hope for Johnson's sake, Garcia stays in the Big D with a new contract.
  2. RIP The Rev. William A. Lawson, Founding Pastor Emeritus of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church & the father of ABC 13 11:00 am & Live at Five anchor Melanie Lawson, passed away this morning surrounded by his family at the age of 95. https://wheelerbc.org/ Thursday, May 23rd, 2024 Visitation 9:00am-5:00pm Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church 3826 Wheeler Avenue Houston, TX 77004 Community Service of Celebration 6:00pm Thursday, May 23rd, 2004 Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church 3826 Wheeler Avenue Houston, TX 77004 Congregational Service of Celebration Friday, May 24th, 2024 11:00am Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church 3826 Wheeler Avenue Houston, TX 77004 Interment Details PRIVATE
  3. Felicia Jeter was NOT popular with the viewers of CBS 11 KHOU-TV Houston ? What caused folks to become turned off by her ? 🤔
  4. We'll see if Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson (R) & Co., can prevent Garcia from leaving the Big D. From what I've heard, Rice University political science professor Bob Stein thinks it'll be awhile before Whitmire appoints a permanent HPD Police Chief. Basically: Satterwhite will be the interim Police Chief for awhile.
  5. Do NOT tear down the Astrodome. PS: EXPLETIVE Dora the Explorer! Worst County Judge in Harris County history.
  6. Astros will NEVER make the playoffs in 2024. My San Francisco Giants might make the playoffs in the NL.
  7. I've heard about Toronto & San Francisco will be getting WNBA teams.
  8. Wednesday, May 8th, 2024: Live-Stream of the press conference of Houston Mayor John Whitmire (D) from Houston City Hall.
  9. CBS 11 KHOU-TV Houston discussed the suspended cases scandal as well. Plus one of their investigative reporters exposed Finner's lies.
  10. Whitmire has also put Hollins on full-blast.
  11. Looks great. Will any of the other TV stations counter NBC 2 by doing something similar ?
  12. My cousin said something similar happened to Sports Radio 610 KILT-AM Houston.
  13. Just as I predicted from the beginning: Troy Finner has officially been forced OUT as HPD Police Chief.
  14. Why do I get the feeling that Finner will NOT survive this scandal ?
  15. Turner flat out LIED about the so-called "budget surplus".
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