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  1. Has this bar closed? Chairs are stacked, and a sign directs people to a different location for a planned event.
  2. Almost 40 years ago, 'Repo Man' got it right. "The more you drive, the less intelligent you are."
  3. In other words, Inner Loopers are being accosted by suburban cars' traffic. And pollution. And need to permanently kill off acres of land to provide 50 hours a week for parking. The Katy Freeway expansion displaced a functioning railroad track which could have been converted to commuter rail. But, this is Texas, and that's commie talk.
  4. Please tell me that this will not become a parking lot. Lie, if you have to.
  5. My understanding is, both. The city maintains its property, and if private property becomes grossly overgrown the city (supposedly) comes in and trims the offending vegetation. I believe they charge the landowner, either by a separate billing or adding the bill to the property taxes. If someone has more accurate information, feel free to correct me.
  6. Just last night I waited for almost 25 minutes (about 5pm) for an 82. During peak hours they're supposed to run every 6 minutes, off-peak every 10 minutes. I asked the bus driver about the delay, and he just shrugged and said 'Traffic." No. Houston had traffic when they set up those routes and schedules. The service has deteriorated over the past couple of years, largely because of COVID. It caused a real shakeup in the workforce, and I suspect many bus drivers found better paying jobs. METRO frequently advertises that they need drivers, and they're accepting less than the cream of the crop. I actually had a bus driver hit me and tell me to keep moving when I attempted to scan my pass (the scanner was broken). My understanding is that some drivers aren't even METRO employees, they're contract workers. The combination of a shortage of drivers and the utter lack of accountability has had a devastating effect on their service.
  7. The Studemont bridge over White Oak bayou is such a source of frustration. What WERE they thinking? If they had made it a bit wider, it could have had sidewalks and bike paths. I guess those were not priorities when it was built. It's a real bottleneck. I wonder if it's feasible to retrofit another 15' or so to its width.
  8. I wonder what they do with retired light rail cars. Do people convert them to Tiny Houses?
  9. I agree that METRO should perform some power-washing more frequently. Panhandlers? Not much METRO can do about that. Once I learned to say 'No' like I mean it, the panhandlers don't bother me as much. No excuses, apologies, or judgments are needed. Just say no.
  10. I saw a bit of the presentation explaining the updates, and have the impression that bike lanes will be provided on streets that run parallel to Montrose (such as Stanford).
  11. Among other things. I was very disappointed when I walked past the southeast corner of the building today. In typical Houston fashion, a giant silver utility box has been installed, which is encroaching on the sidewalk. Why? It's as if mucking up sidewalks and inconveniencing pedestrians is a sacred ritual that must be observed.
  12. "You may say I'm a dreamer...but I'm not the only one."
  13. It would be an unfortunate name for a dry-cleaner.
  14. (shudder!) I'm still reeling over the loss of Disco Kroger. The inconvenience of losing Snooty RO Kroger might be more than I can bear. The market supposedly corrects itself, but what happens when all of the supermarkets have been torn down to build luxury apartments? I guess they'll starve. But, at least it will be in luxury.
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