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  1. Pavon’s soft opening was today. Here is an interior image from Google Maps
  2. I really hope not. Mexican Sugar is hugely popular in Dallas. I am ecstatic that they are coming to Regent Square and positive that they will be the anchor that drives traffic to the area. Sure, the rendering looked funny but their locations in dallas, especially the new ones, are top notch. https://maps.app.goo.gl/3LkHpcWyV1bgcA6R7?g_st=ic
  3. Brochure from Braun: https://braunenterprises.com/media/d/4/e/9/b/8/braun-enterprises-1500-waugh-v2.pdf It’s going to be 2 stories with resturaunt and office space.
  4. If regent Square develops something like Autry Park did on the 2 remaining lots, West Dallas would start to resemble what Rainey street is to Austin. Perhaps even better since there is so much acreage on those 2 under/undeveloped lots (including the current Allen House apartments). Even if the development isn’t as tall, the density Autry park offers is appreciated (7 buildings in total just in Autry Park)
  5. Hudson House - is opening tomorrow Nov. 2nd (per website) Cocody - Opening this Fall (per website) https://www.hudsonhousehp.com https://cocodyrestaurant.com
  6. I’m assuming they approved the variance and construction will start next month?
  7. A class based gym is coming to Regent Square. It’s on regent square’s instagram story today. As well as bodyfittraining.com https://www.bodyfittraining.com/location-search
  8. I’m optimistic about a mid-rise/ high rise here. Probably no GFR since there is already so much retail adjacent.
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