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  1. What am interesting looking property. I'm going to have to look up the story behind it
  2. How many more floors for this one? I thought it was 8 but it looks like they already went passed that.
  3. Well for me names are easier to identify the project. I'm not too good at putting a face, or facade, to an address. Even common ones downtown. So names helps me out. This particular name, thought I do not care for. Doesn't sound catchy.
  4. He must've had his red cap on too tight.
  5. That's a money shot of the city right there. You and HiNDeSky and the others on here catalog this city's changes so well
  6. Although I agree, I could also say that there was also a lack of demand to build around the area that would become Disco Green and yet look how those lots have fallen. But that's a lot of wishful thinking as there will be no capping of the freeway in that area
  7. I'm loving it. More residential and taking off old hotel space off the market opens up opportunities for new hotels
  8. Yeah, Texas Tower or 609 Main could easily have been 2 additional supertalls for Houston had they added residential/hotel components. Wouldn't have taken a lot of units to get there either. 300 units and either tower would be part 1000ft. Texas tower would have been a beautiful super tall. With high vacancy rates downtown and the office market not so hot, I don't see Houston cracking 600ft unless it's a hotel/residential combo. Austin's UC super tall is only slated to have 700sq feet of office space compared to Texas Tower's 1.2M. Houstons tallest, Chase has 2.2M, and 1.8M at Wells Fargo. Even 609 Main has well over 1M sq feet of office. Austin's super tall will only have 352 residential units. Less than the 373 at Brava. A Texas Tower/ Brava combo could easily have been 1300 ft tall, but I guess that would have exceeded FAA restrictions? Still I could easily see two 1050ft floor buildings on Texas Tower and Brava sites had they been mixed use.
  9. Rice should go big in the next phase and build a 50 floor hotel/ condo tower. 28 floors of condo/student housing, 8 floors of hotel, 2 amenity floors on 12 floors of parking, the ground floor of which with retail. That would make their project more attractive to business. Redoing a grocery store, a department store and building a garage has been all low key. It's surprising that there y have had the success they have had.
  10. Although I get where you are coming from, but I think this is a substantial step up from what it was and what's around it. We have prime lots in downtown and midtown getting these types of housing, so to demand a more urban development on a field across the way is to much for me to ask. Across the bayou is no Jersey City. Let's build up residential density with units like these and if there is great demand then better developments may follow. But for now this project has grown on me. I like how the area is changing.
  11. It's grown on me too. I like that Houston is putting land adjacent to bayous to higher use. It makes for a more unified core. Not sure what generations passed thought when they had those things like massive concrete channels, but the combination of projects like this and East River with the bayou parks and bike trails these areas look more like extensions of downtown rather than areas that needs to be kept away from downtown at all costs.
  12. With such a convenient location, buildings this size should be filling in Midtown, not the lil garden style donuts and the townhomes they are still building
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