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  1. Back in May 2013, my children and I just dodged the Moore Oklahoma tornado (EF 5). We had approx. a 15 minute warning. This was my second EF5, the first the 1966 Topeka tornado. We had 10 minute warning. Ten days after Moore, a 2.5 mile EF5 hit El Reno outside OKC, killing three experienced storm chasers ( the tornado unusually went NW to SE for a short while). I do not know what type of engineering has to be placed to protect people in a supertall skyscraper during an EF 5. I cannot imagine a building that size could be evacuated in time.
  2. Guilty until proven innocent? A bit hysterical no?
  3. I hate to knock one of the holy words of modern speech which is repeated ad nauseum, but diversity is a bad word to describe the rich tapestry of American life. The word is related to divorce, diverge, divide. in other words to separate. Much better to speak of E Publius Unum. I realize the word is hopelessly lost, much like the word decimate which means one tenth and now has replaced devastate.
  4. I think our jungle -like heat and humidity during our summer may have more to do with no Olympics than a heavy rail system. Great for the vegetation though.
  5. Glad tree roots are protected, but a bit leery on how slippery they are, especially after a rain. Suppose it is better than the sidewalk being lifted a foot up by tree roots. Moving in the right direction.
  6. I will never understand economics and commerce. I can see Houston to Havana flights making sense financially, but Houston to Holgun?
  7. Does anyone know how the Hardy toll road extension to downtown (if ever built) will connect to all this?
  8. I hope Baker "bakes" them and Bochy "botches" it.
  9. I think Monarch's "How on Earth Does This Even Happen" needs to be seriously studied. DFW has landed many economic plums in the last few years. Many more than Houston. This latest bit of news is humiliating considering the tens of thousands of biomedical professions in our city. I have my scapegoats; poor flood planning, bad media from previous tropical cyclones, and of course everyone's favorite, bungling politicians. In truth the answer is likely more complex. This hopefully will be a wake up call.
  10. Not Including the ramps, I count it as a 48-lane roadway. Even larger than the current Katy or anything in Argentina or wherever. We win! Though I must admit to one fact I find difficult to believe. No eighteen wheelers? In Houston?
  11. This is pathetic. How can anyone get their facts so twisted up? Good luck to you all if she becomes your mayor. If elected she will be a major representative of Houston, which is soon to receive enhanced publicity from the Moon landings and other events.
  12. Under the "Shame of Texas" Are those quotes for real? Did she actually state those things? Some of these things suggest either misquotes, deep ignorance, or no respect for the public on her part.
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