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  1. Usually when I tune into 93.7 The Beat the radio automatically switches it to the HD signal. One day recently, I noticed that it never switched over so I figured maybe the signal was down. Here it is a few weeks later and I noticed that the HD never came back and if I remember correctly it used to have an HD2 station, maybe even an HD3. Has KQBT somehow gotten ride of its HD signal and sub channels? I saw on Mike McGuff that they recently made some changes to their line up: https://mikemcguff.blogspot.com/2024/04/937-beat-kqbt-houston-schedule-changes.html?m=1
  2. I have been locked out of my account for months because of the change made requiring your email to login instead of your username. The problem is that I created my account more than 20 years ago. My account goes back further than the date it says I joined because I remember the site was hacked or something like that and we all had to start over (many years ago). If I could remember the email I used for the account back then I would have no problem, but I don’t. I’ve tried contacting the editor because I know that he created and owns this site but I never heard anything back. If any of you have had this same problem and know how to fix it please let me know. I created this account as a last resort and will keep it unless I can gain access to my old account. The same thing happened on skyscraperpage and I hadn’t logged into skyscrapercity in so long that it told me my password wasn’t long enough even though I know that it was correct. Any way, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. old name: citykid09 new (hopefully temporary) name: citykid09.
  3. Right where Grandlux is would be really nice and a redevelopment of the exterior of the Galleria to make it interact with the street more would be nice.
  4. Houston will never get an Olympics because Houston will never build a heavy rail transit system.
  5. I’ve been seeing commercials for that Hard Rock Hotel in Florida shaped like a guitar and was wondering if this was still happening for Houston.
  6. I can see elevated, but I think within the loop and the uptown area should be underground. I could see elevated rail in the Memorial City Area, Westchase, Energy Corridor, etc.
  7. It’s frustrating when you see cities building these magnificent systems and all Houston goes for is world’s largest freeways and new toll roads that lead to a hour of copy and paste shopping centers featuring Ross, Marshals, nail shops and other junk. At least the city could build a subway that goes from downtown, Greenway Plaza, Uptown/galleria. Then it can come above ground on the way to Memorial City and City Center. A north south line that goes from Downtown to IAH and to Hobby.
  8. Regardless, light rail as it is implemented in Houston (basically a trolly) is not adequate for a city with a population size of Houston. A rail system with its own right of way is what was needed. The red line is no better than BRT, sorry it’s the honest truth. Maybe when the olds/conservatives die off and the millennials/gen z take over Houston (and Texas cities all together) will finally get true mass transit. As of now Dallas is the only city that comes close.
  9. If it’s world class I’m pretty sure it’s the only one that doesn’t have a mass transit system .. You make excuses for Houston being a post WW II city, but Houston had many chances in the past to build a true mass transit system but conservative leaders blew it and now the city suffers as one of the most sprawling cities in the world. Premier city in the South? . have you been to Atlanta? Have you heard of MARTA?
  10. I hate to say it but I guess Houston will aways suck when it comes to being an urban city where you can take rail to major areas. How can you be the 4th largest city in the US and 5th largest metro and not have proper rail transit and call yourself world class, it’s laughable. Houston needs leadership with a vision of the future and BRT is not it. And they wonder why no one rides the BRT in uptown, it’s a f**king bus on the street. How can a city as rich as Houston not afford the best for its citizens? If you want to build rail to Hobby build it to where it’s not on the street with vehicles. And build a BART type line to IAH.
  11. I agree. Hobby should be called international and if it was up to me bush would too. Intercontinental is confusing to people that don’t understand what it means. Houston to me just doesn’t do a good job at marketing itself.
  12. We all want Houston to have a world class heavy rail transit system and hopefully one day that will happen, but in the meantime I think these Train-Bus Hybrids would be great all over the city even to replace the uptown BRT. I have said this before about these Chinese bus trains, no it seems the US is paying attention to them. https://www.cnbc.com/2023/02/19/how-an-autonomous-train-bus-hybrid-could-transform-city-transit.html
  13. Aesthetically this is a very ugly portion of 610. Not only is the freeway ugly the deplorable buildings/houses in the area are a blight to look at from the freeway. I wonder why the city won’t make property owners tear down much of it. And I don’t know why TxDot uses short concrete medians that are never installed in a straight line and have weeds growing from them. Taller medians would help hide much of the blight below. So I would say yes to rebuilding this area but no to feeder roads.
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