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  1. Four month timeline for abatement and demolition - wow. Here's our post, with link to pictures: https://www.facebook.com/archarchive/posts/2154010627989482
  2. Mackie Dee Oil and Development Company also shows up the September 1, 1911 issue of the Houston Post under "New Houston Corporations" https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth443220/m1/55/?q=mackie
  3. Even with the hyper/overdesigned Camry, it's still stodgy - and the grill now makes it looks like it has an annoyed, pursed mouth. The Lexus is just a costlier extension of that.
  4. Latest is new parking lot construction and parking variance by "Elysium 1634 Westheimer, LLP." This is the old site of the long gone Kewpie Cleaners.
  5. Alfa design, for sure - to me, that Honda CRV is still the same uninspired CRV I've always seen, though..
  6. I really hope that Foods and Liquids was just a generic hashtag and not a name drop - that sounds terrible, IMO..
  7. E-Tron namesake for new Audi electric crossover: http://jalopnik.com/the-first-all-electric-audi-suv-will-just-be-called-e-t-1787877501 As for the design, yuck. Maybe it'll grow on me but with that grill and Dodge-ish feel, bleh :'(
  8. Yeah, this is definitely not a (NOT an!!! ugh) historic renovation - it is a modern renovation of an old shell of a building that was badly neglected for a long time. But those are just nitpicky words - I'm glad to see prime waterfront property repurposed by a nonprofit entity any day. Speaking of nitpicky - does anyone know when this building actually housed Sunset? I have only seen it referred to as International or Cleveland Coffee..
  9. From what I can tell it was originally titled hamburgers, then added taqueria to that, then dropped hamburgers...
  10. Straw Hat Pizza? It was on Fondren just south of South Btaeswood around that time.
  11. From the Wednesday, April 3, 1985 issue of the Bellaire Texan: https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark%3A/67531/metapth638271/
  12. Thanks! I have quite a few in the list to visit including the Gessner one which was Sav-On, then Sunflower Cleaners, then Queen Oak Cleaners well into the 1980s.
  13. Resurrection of an old topic, but as many probably guessed, this one was demolished in 2012: http://swamplot.com/daily-demolition-report-the-new-frontier/2012-05-25/
  14. It's a shame, I have always liked the place over the years, but it was pretty terrible last time I went
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