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  1. Thanks for the updates, @hindesky! Can't wait to be back watching Tech sports here (and of course the free jello shots after touchdowns) 🙃
  2. Interesting they're still flying the Phantom. A great drone when they first came out but a bit outdated in many respects and just a pain to lug around (ask me how I know 🙃) Always appreciate your photos with the added inside info, @hindesky
  3. Not Google, but didn't want to start a new thread. Today Apple Maps added Houston and Dallas to their "Detailed City Experience" so we have much more detail on maps when you zoom in. It also has some cool special building graphics for all of our stadiums as well as Williams Tower and the Waterwall. There might be other buildings but that was all I saw in the quick fly around I did earlier. Anyway, go Houston for getting upgraded to the big leagues with Apple Maps.
  4. Congratulations, Z! You've come a long way! I hope that you will share some of your work with the forum when the time comes!
  5. It is and they do get arrested with some frequency. A decent number of my photography acquaintances do this and I've heard some pretty crazy stories of trying to avoid security after being spotted. I'm too old for all that nonsense though, that's why I have a drone :)
  6. The geo fencing has gotten pretty strict in the Med Center. All of the helipads have been added to DJI databases as well as the fact there's class B airspace throughout and on the north side you have the approach for one of Hobby's runways. You can do it but it's definitely a hassle and much more risky than flying just about anywhere else in the city.
  7. Do you not think there is metal on top of the building? Lightning finds the quickest path of least resistance. That's why you see so many pictures of tall buildings being struck. The odds of that chrome address sign being hit are going to be the same as any piece of sidewalk along any building in town.
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