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  1. "Congestion increases the cost and delivery time of commodities such as Amazon deliveries groceries and commercial goods," a TxDOT official said during the presentation. Glad that TxDOT's priorities are clear.
  2. I mean, they were directly opposed to the project prior to construction (as evidenced by earlier posts in this thread). I don't think its a stretch to conclude they still aren't fans and have used the change in leadership as an opportunity to get what they want. I should be clear I think its probably influential congregants, not the church itself (although they did pretty publicly use their church sign to oppose it). 11th st is the same -- someone has Whitmire's ear and has a vendetta against non-car related infrastructure in their neighborhood.
  3. I think some influential people (read donors with a lot of $$$) attend that church and are pushing hard against this project. I doubt the mayor’s office actually cares all that much one way or the other, but is probably doing a favor to someone who has had it out for the street improvements since they were announced
  4. Love their optimism of the rendering of the trail under the highway. I'm pumped for this trail but those underpasses get gross looking real quick
  5. From the IG account BigDumbTruckClub — but very applicable here
  6. https://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/transportation/article/houston-heights-11th-street-redesign-18366497.php Houston removes bus islands after complaints from city's worst motorists The floating concrete bus stops at 11th Street in the Heights have been demolished following complaints from large vehicle motorists and an ensuing safety inspection.
  7. Sad news, hopefully this can be restarted if the funding appears. Also we need to change this title -- I keep thinking there is good news and then I read the post.
  8. The old brick street is showing through — they should just bring this back :) will definitely help with traffic calming
  9. Love the idea of an elevated bikeway over the bayou banks to get to Memorial Park -- would be a super cool feature and would in itself draw people to the trail. I also hope that the Bayou Bend is included on the trail. My dream would be to see that bridge across the bayou opened to regular bike/walk traffic and have the trail connect down into River Oaks. Ofc this won't happen b/c too many wealthy people would have to deal with the scourge of bicycles and walkers outside of their houses (the horror!).
  10. My prediction -- surface parking lot 😪 Its like a block from where the new I45 reroute will go so I wonder if whoever buys it will wait for that project to complete before really doing something with the property.
  11. Its amazing to me how poorly people understand the size of their vehicles.
  12. Here's my guess -- I have a feeling Brenners on the Bayou will try to avoid having the trail run between the restaurant and the bayou
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