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  1. That's good to hear. I wasn't able to watch the board meeting so I just went with what they posted. So thanks.
  2. I posted this over on Reddit. Interesting engagement.
  3. This can have monumental consequences for Houston if we are seriously thinking of cancelling most parts of Metro Next. This region is growing whether Metro grows or not and we can't build unlimited highway lanes into the city. There comes a point where we need mass transit. This Reddit thread is very troubling:
  4. And I'll post the same thing publicly that I told you privately. I am not sure why Woodland Social is acting like this is in no way shape or form associated with White Oak Music Hall when it is 110% is and is even on the W2 Development website, the ones behind most of the development in this area. Not only are they associated with WOMH but they are coordinating with them on so many things. https://www.w2developmentpartners.com/current-developments
  5. With the amount of time that has passed since the original schematics, there is no doubt they will have to do a new study. It just is what it is. The Amtrak collaboration is still fresh so I would hold off before calling this fully doomed.
  6. (apparently my post was deleted during the site update). Honestly at this point if they unearthed a massive ancient pyramid under the road which forced Houston Ave to be closed permanently, I wouldn't even be surprised...
  7. I don't even remember police officers when they did this last time...
  8. I didn't see your post in the general thread so I've merged it with mine.
  9. We have several projects in the area, all separately funded with different timelines. So with that being said, it looks like beside the Inner Katy METRORapid Bus project and the I-10 elevation project, we also have a project to construct (the most likely scenario) 4 elevated managed lanes from 610 to I-45. More info here: https://www.chron.com/news/article/txdot-i-10-houston-18653366.php https://www.txdot.gov/projects/projects-studies/houston/i10-inner-katy-voss-road-to-i45.html
  10. Who is praying about street medians? Pretty sure Jesus would give them the busy signal.
  11. Oh wow. I didn't realize that. Sounds like biking Houston Ave will be easier now if it won't be as tall.
  12. Do we know the impacts on the Houston Ave bridge yet, such as when they will begin dismantling and how long it will take to rebuild?
  13. Agreed with most of what you said. As others are saying here, it's to slow traffic down and allow people to cross. I used to bike the Heights trail all the time and I dreaded every time I would come up to 11th street because it was impossible to cross. I kept thinking how crazy it was for mother's with strollers trying to get through there. That intersection has definitely improved. Where I do disagree with though is that the traffic has not changed substantially since the bike lanes have been installed.... there is noticeable backups on 11th, especially between Shepherd, Yale and Heights Blvd. And because of those backups, there is yet secondary effects of traffic taking "back roads", if you will, 8th street being the big one.. where traffic will exit near MKT at 7th and then travel down 8th to Yale. If anyone here attends the Superneighborhood 15 meetings, it is a major topic ever since the bike lanes were installed. And the city very much listens to these superneighborhood events. The negativity has been incredibly loud while Bike Houston and others considered it a done deal once the street was redone and moved on with other projects... with so much opposition and so little praise at these meetings, it's not unfathomable to see the 11th street bike lanes being removed.
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