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  1. Oh looks like they finally put steel in the way now. I rode past those barricades just a few weeks ago and it was still fully open. Guess that means avoid this area for the next year or so...
  2. They need to get this mayor to walk down the sidewalks of this road with a bunch of people and see just how narrow and broken the sidewalks are in spots. We need wider sidewalks here.
  3. We talked to the lady who was monitoring the gate when we went yesterday. She said Sunday was so bad that they had to have people even guarding who was entering the slide (the rocket) because there was a line inside the playground just to ride and some kids were trying to come from the bottom to bypass the line. Either way, sounds like people loved it! My son certainly did and he already wants to go back to the water side next time (we'll remember to bring his swim trunks with us! lol).
  4. There was an hour long wait to get onto the playground, with security controlling entry and exit. Was quite a big event this past weekend!
  5. Anytime Biden comes in support of something (Think TikTok ban), Trump comes out swinging against it, even if he's the one who first brought up the issue. With this being election season, if Trump comes out against this for "the farmers", consider this project dead in Texas.
  6. Kind of an interesting aside.... Was in Austin this past weekend for the eclipse and it donned on me that the massive I-35 rebuild will start in Austin along the same timeline that the Houston I-45 rebuild will start. It's sort of wild to think two major cities not that far apart will have complete makeovers at the same time. Also driving through Austin, it is wild to see just have fast that city is transforming. So many new skyscrapers under construction.
  7. Perhaps this is the first positive news we've heard about the bike lanes then...
  8. Damn... So now Trump will be against this?
  9. The only thing I don't see in the news is when they expect this to begin...?
  10. But it's likely going to work. Although there's some that still don't like this project, adding all of these sporting areas and parks and the big shocker, capping parts of the toll road, was a surprise by those here on the Northside. Those on the fence seem more supportive now. So far, the big complaint I still hear is that if they really are going to build this toll road through, they wish there was greater connectivity with the community it's traversing through. Perhaps add more ramps to get on and off of the toll road besides the one all the way at Calvacade. It's just too exclusive for those commuting to Spring and the Woodlands. At least build some ramps at Quitman. It's difficult to explain but the Northside has always felt a bit... cut off.. from the highway system. Some like that but some also believe that is the reason we haven't seen more development here and another reason why we probably won't ever get a major grocer here except for the Fiestas we have.
  11. I don't agree with that at all. I know some opposed to it who are ideologically liberal (example provided below). I think there were some just practically concerned people when it came to congestion. I know the majority in the biking community support the 11th St bike lanes but some would have rather seen it go to a less congested road running in parallel to 11th such as 14th St. Although it would have angered some residents to loose their on street parking (see how the bike lanes end at Pecore on 11th... because of on-street parking backlash)... however, it would have been far less controversial on 14th and still would have provided an east-west connection through the Heights, along with the MKT trail. Prime example... the N Main bike lanes around White Oak Music Hall. Most of the people in the area are not conservative (not a telltale sign but most people here had Beto/Biden signs the past few elections), yet they voiced numerous opposition to the city and Bike Houston during their community outreach because they were genuinely concerned that shrinking N Main down to 2 lanes would exacerbate the already insane traffic when WOMH is hosting live events, plus now the events at Htown Brewing and Woodland Social. Hence now, the N Main bike lanes are up for review again under Whitmire. Last point.... and, as a bicyclist, this is the part that really makes me upset with the city. On Sunday, I biked the route pictured below. The east side bike lanes (think Polk St) were a complete mess.... either full of water from Friday's rains.... or covered in dirt... or rocks... or trash. There was even a part of Waugh Dr in Montrose that I was biking back on and it looked like a lake in the bike lane! I had to hop into the vehicle lanes until the water cleared. If the city is going to invest in bike lanes, then it also needs to take on the responsibility of cleaning them up.
  12. Whoever wins, I hope we keep this baby blue color for Air Force One. I really did not like the design Trump picked... too much black and red that it looked like his planes. Not only does this blue look nice and classic but it's also such a unique color that it really stands out.
  13. What I meant was, they are bringing the stop back to life, not that it was operational.
  14. I think incorporating islands is a great idea. But you have to remember, we also did a road diet on Studemont. During peak hours, the middle lane would switch between north bound, south bound, and then a neutral turning lane during off-peak hours. They then limited the middle lane to only being a turning lane and installed the islands. With this mayor, I doubt he would find a way to install islands in the middle of 11th street while also bringing back 4 lanes of traffic. And I wouldn't say I'm too connected. lol My neighborhood and general area have gone through quite a lot the past several years and once you start attending Superneighborhood meetings, it just comes naturally that you'll meet people that know what's going on... even in the mayor's office. Our area was sort of forced to become politically active, whether we wanted to or not.
  15. So based on this, there might still be changes to the design here and there? I realize nothing substantial...
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