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  1. Keep in mind that there is also a Whole Foods in the area. But if the Kroger can survive, an HEB definitely could. And then maybe that'd put that Kroger out of its misery and provide a nice redevelopment opportunity for something to actually front West Gray there.
  2. I haven't seen any design plans for NHHIP that remove existing bike trails, and I don't think that's what this means (though I assume there could be temporary impacts like with Brays at the Spur 5 extension).
  3. Would this include Super Happy Fun Land? edit: No, it wouldn't
  4. Bars and restaurants are part of it, but also housing, groceries, doctors' offices, etc. The per-acre tax revenue could be considerably higher than it is, and higher-order, fixed transit would accelerate that. Drivers have, as you mentioned, both I-10 and Memorial if they're trying to get to other places east/west. I am not suggesting the street be fully pedestrianized or off-limits to drivers, just that it no longer be a high-speed option.
  5. I would counter that Washington has too much productivity potential as a pedestrian-friendly and transit-friendly street to be degraded by private vehicle prioritization.
  6. If a Houston line went up N.Main and Airline, I could see it. But even so, I'm not sure the demand is ever going to be there. Washington corridor has lots of residential density plus lots of businesses plus a logical Memorial Park terminus. It just makes too much sense. Houston Ave feels more fantasy to me. I can think of a bunch of routes I'd do before Houston Ave.
  7. I would add - our fares are extremely low, and we get what we pay for.
  8. Use what money for things other than what?
  9. If finances and boneheaded local opposition were no object, I'd advocate for Red Line-style street-level tracks in barriered ROW from Chimney Rock to UofH, as well as tram tracks from Elgin to Commerce along Louisiana/Milam, and elevated guideway from Chimney Rock to HW6. Then I'd run an express tram-train from HW6 to Commerce on 15/30 headways and the local tram from Chimney Rock to UofH on 10/20 headways, so that along the main corridor you'd have an effective ~6/15 headway. And I'd do something similar with a Purple line extension up Washington and Shepherd, with local tram on Washington and express tram-train on Shepherd. And I'd mirror that with the Green line along Bagby/Dallas/Shepherd. And then eventually I'd connect the two tram/train lines on Shepherd so that both had straightline and downtown-bound branches, thus giving the primary corridors high local frequencies. And I'd still keep the original University Line BRT exactly as it's currently planned. I have hundreds of dollars to spend on these projects, so I say we greenlight em all.
  10. That is a pretty great way to add gentle density to a somewhat justifiably NIMBY neighborhood. Ultimately I think they would be better (aethetically and urbanistically) without the garages, but I could see that drawing more opposition.
  11. Sorry if that wasn't clear - I was referring to the bolded Whitmire quote. I'm actually wondering now if he was actually referring to The Burger Joint? It'd make more sense. Still not sure what "close to adult entertainment" means?
  12. Sometimes paying for a subscription to the Chronicle feels like buying my students' artwork.
  13. So I have a question... What other types of convenience stores are there, apart from "with retail"? 🤓
  14. The third story bit is kind of a fair point. The rest is culture wars mumbo jumbo.
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