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  1. If finances and boneheaded local opposition were no object, I'd advocate for Red Line-style street-level tracks in barriered ROW from Chimney Rock to UofH, as well as tram tracks from Elgin to Commerce along Louisiana/Milam, and elevated guideway from Chimney Rock to HW6. Then I'd run an express tram-train from HW6 to Commerce on 15/30 headways and the local tram from Chimney Rock to UofH on 10/20 headways, so that along the main corridor you'd have an effective ~6/15 headway. And I'd do something similar with a Purple line extension up Washington and Shepherd, with local tram on Washington and express tram-train on Shepherd. And I'd mirror that with the Green line along Bagby/Dallas/Shepherd. And then eventually I'd connect the two tram/train lines on Shepherd so that both had straightline and downtown-bound branches, thus giving the primary corridors high local frequencies. And I'd still keep the original University Line BRT exactly as it's currently planned. I have hundreds of dollars to spend on these projects, so I say we greenlight em all.
  2. That is a pretty great way to add gentle density to a somewhat justifiably NIMBY neighborhood. Ultimately I think they would be better (aethetically and urbanistically) without the garages, but I could see that drawing more opposition.
  3. Sorry if that wasn't clear - I was referring to the bolded Whitmire quote. I'm actually wondering now if he was actually referring to The Burger Joint? It'd make more sense. Still not sure what "close to adult entertainment" means?
  4. Sometimes paying for a subscription to the Chronicle feels like buying my students' artwork.
  5. So I have a question... What other types of convenience stores are there, apart from "with retail"? 🤓
  6. The third story bit is kind of a fair point. The rest is culture wars mumbo jumbo.
  7. Given the level of separation for bikes and pedestrians, I'll take the wide lanes 100 times out of 100.
  8. I unironically agree. Haven't had the pleasure of using one myself, but I feel a kinship with the scooterers.
  9. In the Heights and Montrose, new townhomes can fetch upwards of $800K, probably more. In EaDo, there are townhomes that aren't new that are still fetching well north of $600K. These are brand new townhomes within walking distance of a rail line and a ten minute bike ride from the center of the country's fourth largest city. The prices here represent the value of those homes, plain and simple. Now, obviously, there is a long legacy of neglect and disregard that led to Second Ward and a few other close-in neighborhoods being undervalued for so long. (Highway construction, redlining, streetcar discontinuation, etc.). But that doesn't change the fact that it's a neighborhood with tangible value, nor that large, brand-new homes with immediate access to the Harrisburg Trail and the Green Line have a lot of value. Will their presence raise rental costs for current neighborhood residents? Ehh, it's murky. New density does create area value, which does eventually make its way into rental markets. But new density also eats into the demand that puts direct upward pressure on rents. In general, the effects of this kind of light-middle density do more to reduce rental inflation than they contribute to it. And as to the buyers - I would bet that most if not all will be living there, and those who don't will be renting to people who do. In either case, that's tax money for the TIRZ, enrolllment for the schools, and customers for local businesses.
  10. That neighborhood has been gentrifying for at least 15 years. The fact that a whole townhouse still costs less than a quarter of what a two-bedroom apartment in Boston costs is evidence of the benefits of Houston's approach to housing, imo.
  11. I prefer that color, honestly. Especially if the ground floor is just garage.
  12. Whose food? Also, while I do lament the ugly, car-oriented design, I am pretty happy to see the market producing apartments geared toward affordability. Now, if they hit the market north of $1500 for a 1BR, I'll change my tune, but if they can bring them to market at say, $1300 all-inclusive, that's pretty good for brand new.
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