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  1. sorry, I meant the bit about McNair working on a mixed use development including hotel, office, resi, and retail.
  2. I doubt Oxy is super concerned w that ATM, their current office lease runs through like 2032. Odds are the earliest they could realistically vacate Greenway Plaza is 2027 or 2028 anyways.
  3. It's been several years but Japhet Creek is a treasure. We did some clean up there 10ish years ago and I was shocked at how pristine the creek was, and how clear the waters were in the creek. So glad it's getting the attention and conservation it deserves.
  4. Just to clarify, Hines does not own the property and likely has little if any real say on this phase of the development. SCI owns the site, it is SCI's money being spent, and it is SCI making the decisions. Expecting SCI to build some sort of architectural marvel, or anything other than something that says "this is the corporate HQ of the world's largest funeral services company," is... misguided. What is being built is exactly what you should expect. And as @CREguy13, it serves more as a catalyst for continued high end development along AP. Now what Hines may have more involvement in is the potential phase 2 where I'm assuming Hines is/will target multifamily and/or hospitality in addition to some retail. I could envision SCI contributing the land as their contribution to that phase and Hines investing or raising additional capital for the bulk of the investment needed.
  5. Would've been a lot more metal if they modeled the building after one of their coffins and then blasted the entirety of "floating coffin" by thee oh sees on loop 24/7
  6. GID mismanaged this project to such a degree it's almost hard to fathom. Literally next door to them Hanover was able to do in 3 years what GID has failed miserably to do in more than 15. Can someone buy them out of this project already? Their basis on that dirt must be microscopic at this point. Spare us any more misery.
  7. Pickard Chilton should mean an architecturally interesting design. Can't wait to see the renderings.
  8. Building 3 and garage will get demolished. They'll convert that space into a "City Centre" type development. No idea if a denser component like hotel or multifmaily will be a part of that but it didn't sound like it. Taking a surplus of obsolete office space and converting it to walkable retail is definitely the play.
  9. This is assuredly the case. I saw a master plan for the Menil 8 or 9 years ago and there are several other dense developments planned. Obviously plans change but the folks at the Menil are not going to short change their patrons, benefactors, and community.
  10. This has to move into the top of the list regarding best urban parks in the country. Just a spectacular job and a crown jewel for the city.
  11. They were in talks w a high-end boutique department store concept (for lack of a better term) for that spot as of a few months ago.
  12. The tenant lounge and outdoor patio are particularly well done in this building. Great addition to downtown along w Brava.
  13. For the love of god somebody buy that building from Younan and do this.
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