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  1. It has been a while since I’ve been on HAIF. This thread is for the old Regent Square, correct? What is the general HAIF consensus, are the new plans better or worse than Regent Square?
  2. Maybe Tulsi Gabbard? Could be Desantis. If Trump wins he could ride his coattails as VP and gain more exposure, giving him momentum into the next election. Even though it may not prevent him from winning, Trump would be foolish to choose another Establishment republican. I think Carson would be a really good choice but I think he said he will not run again. He was neck and neck with Trump in the primaries.
  3. 2009 swine flu, hold my beer 👀👀👀
  4. Pence is done in the Republican Party. I think the only question left unanswered right now is if Desantis plans on running against Trump or not. A lot can happen in one or two years.
  5. My wish is for Inflation to go down, but I’m not getting my hopes up
  6. The Chronicle is a complete joke now. They don’t report real news anymore. They don’t even have “News” on their main page. The other day when SCOTUS ruled against Biden’s vax mandate, they didn’t have a single article about it, not even from the AP.
  7. Nobody driving by will ever notice this building. No character at all. Sad.
  8. It's nice, but not a huge fan. If it's not much different looking than an office building, to me, there is something wrong.
  9. The architecture and design for Houston is actually becoming consistently good, imo. At least it's trending in the right direction. This looks very good.
  10. Easily the most iconic tower on Post Oak after Williams Tower. One of the greatest additions to the city in my opinion.
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