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  1. It's insane to me that they won't just pay the fee to enable Tap to Pay or that it's taken them this long to work through the process to enable it on their POS system.
  2. I think it's perfectly fine to call him Chaad Whitmire, let's keep it here, actually.
  3. Is that supposed to be a car bumper in the middle of the road in the first render? Pretty accurate for how people drive down Yale so kudos to the artists for that one.
  4. I'm very excited for Lua Viet, hope that one opens relatively soon
  5. Putting the dog park in the center is an interesting idea...would hate to have a unit on the inside.
  6. 93'Til is one of my favorite bars in the city so I'm all for more record bars.
  7. Curious what these other perversions are
  8. "An invasion into our property" Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeezus. If this project does ever move forward, it won't be because of local media's help in its reporting.
  9. Gonna ask a couple of dumb questions but here goes: How do they make sure the roots don't break into the ceiling above? How do they make sure the roots are strong enough that these plants won't get uprooted and blown off in a big storm/hurricane?
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