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  1. can they just turn it back into EJ's? had some buddies that danced there and think they are looking for work 🤪
  2. Rakken Ramen looks to open any day now with all the patio furniture set up and a menu on the door...tons of activity inside as well. Tacodeli will be open next month i bet as i got a peek in the doors and the inside looks to be finishing up nicely although they still have the window coverings up. i will say that Local Foods looks so boring on the inside in person and they are still finishing up the outdoor built in seating/partial wall enclosures. it IS open (as previously mentioned) and a friend and i went inside and felt like we were at that weird employee only cafe in Post Oak Central that is located next to where Tommy's Grill was. So we decided to go elsewhere. They have this horrible 4 globe light lamp post outside the entrance that doesn't match anything and just looks like they just plopped it there in hopes to bring some personality to the place. Instead of adding interest, it just looks misplaced. And not that this place isn't nice...it just has no personality. Already miss the old location.
  3. whoa...never thought i would see the day. thanks for the awesome photos @Highrise Tower as always
  4. Can they please do something with the unsightly former Kona Grill restaurant space?! that abandoned outdoor patio is in a sad state and makes the outside look horrible... i always said it would be the perfect place for a Common Bond or similar so access in the mall but also easy walk up access for those looking for a coffee or quick snack, salad or sandwich while on heavy foot traffic Westheimer... (and yes i know there is Starbucks down the street etc...) but this really would be a cool dine in and walk up location in my opinion!
  5. i think i said this before but my slight ocd hated this building especially as it was being built! my brain just could not comprehend what in the hell was happening haha! but now i gotta say...i love it and every time i see it it keeps my interest and it has grown on me ALOT...unlike all the mostly typical/symmetrical buildings in the area
  6. fun story in that a buddy i discovered ended up moving to LA and met and married Pat Benatar's (!!!) daughter...Pat rented out the entire top level of the main room of the St Regis and threw an engagement party for them! She timed it for her show the next night at House Of Blues... she and i ended up talking and laughing so much that she had to cancel the show the next day due to losing her voice!!! sorry fans of Pat...it's my fault... 😭 The show was rescheduled and went off without a hitch ps...yes this hotel is really nice although to me in the weirdest location...and my buddy Matt and his now wife Haley are happily married now with 2 daughters and a son and yes, i have gotten to see Pat many times and she is as amazing as you think she would be and still looks like a million bucks. (Her other daughter Hana is a singer and sounds very much like her mom!)
  7. okay everyone... important announcement here: GET THE ELOTE!!! OMG seriously...what in the heck!?!? it was so freaking amazing haha (made the whole meal for me honestly) and everything else we got including the white queso were all great and so inexpensive too! recommended for sure.
  8. it wont let me edit to say this is actually at CRESTWOOD and Memorial Drive intersection and not Terrace Drive!
  9. Little Rey was open this weekend and lots of people filled the place for both lunch and dinner... it looks really cool at night btw and plan to eat there tonight so stay tuned ;) 🌮
  10. i have never cooked a day in my life and dinner out every night is a must and i will say that me and my friends agree, we usually chose the restaurant based on which patio we are in the mood for that night ;)
  11. OH MY LORD! please end up really looking like that! I LOVE it!!! (ps...yes Avalon will be a dang loss but it figures this would happen to an old one story shopping plaza)
  12. no that is the thing...it's been there a year or more haha! it is so nondescript and boring that you just pass it by.... it is at the east end of the park on Memorial right near the Terrace Drive intersection (for reference it is near The Sophie at 6017 Memorial Drive)
  13. I still say this sign/monument makes absolutely no sense facing this way...they should have made it face traffic each way...driving past you can't read the almost invisible lettering as it is (maybe at least light it up so there would be shadows on the name or something similar?)
  14. i always liked that Memorial Towers building on the right! it reminded me of Dexter's apartment building for some reason on the show Dexter... (and he could have easily dumped all those bodies in the bayou across the street 😲 but yeah, cool! i wondered what was going on here...and can they please just redo all that sidewalk from the starbucks and eastward as that is a teeny tiny and treacherous sidewalk...
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