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  1. Appears to be some sort of restaraunt/establishment going in here. Pretty major changes, including the tearing down of the covered patio, and a liquor license application in the window. Haven't had the chance to read what liquor license sign says is going in.
  2. Not entirely certain, but found an LLC named "Space Cadet Main", opened not all that long ago and possibly just a coincidence. https://www.bizapedia.com/tx/space-cadet-main-llc.html
  3. Jones BBQ and Foot Massage?
  4. Interesting note, HCAD has now updated for this property with a new mailing address. It appears the address is for a parking lot for White Oak Music Hall. Nothing comes up on HCAD for it, but 3203 N Main shows up as W2 Investments, which is the founding group for white oak.
  5. Not sure if there is much validity to it, but I believe someone on NextDoor said apartments? They may also be confused with the other feed/hardware store stop more north on main.
  6. It seems they are gutting the insulation/inside and have removed a storage shed off the property, so it appears that it may truly just be getting rehabbed by the new ownership. They did shoot a scene for a movie called "Holly by Nightfall" there as well last week.
  7. I am really unsure what the fate of this property is. They had a bobcat tearing up the patio literally the day after they closed, which was interesting and makes it seem like they are in a little bit of a rush. I've been watching them fill a dumpster with what appears to be everything out of the apartment that was on the second floor, and ripping out all the bamboo and stuff from the patio. I'd be curious to see if anyone any further insight as to what their plans are.
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