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  1. My house is just south of 1604 off of O'Connor. The exit for O'Connor is approximately half way between Judson and Redland. I can attest that this is a very busy part of 1604 and is in need of expansion. There is already major construction to the west where 1604 crosses Interstate 10 and to the east where 1604 crosses Interstate 35. Fortunately, I have discovered alternate routes since moving here two and a half years ago.
  2. It is so sad to see bridges like these disappear but a joy to see one preserved and adapted to a new use. As for preserving the steel structure, there are coatings available today that last much longer and have less environmental impact than in the past.
  3. That seems like a generous amount of real estate for a convenience store but given the traffic at the Starbuck's it is probably warranted. There is a Quik Trip near my home in San Antonio that is in a less than stellar neighborhood - not unlike this stretch of South Main. The area is not dangerous just a bit run-down looking. It probably had it hey-days in the 1990s or early 2000s. That said, the times I've stopped in the QT it was always clean, wall stocked, and the staff was attentive. By the way, I lived in West U. from the time before the abandoned hotel on this site was demolished until just over two years ago and passed by it occasionally. I've always wondered what would be built here.
  4. I believe Tucker has two more years on his contract. If he keeps performing as he has Crane will have good reason to give him an extension as well and no excuse not to. Bregman also has two years left on his current contract IIRC.
  5. Gold star for a great idea. ⭐ I wish them success and I'm sure they will have it.
  6. Good use of your "extra" time. Thanks, hindesky. I had a special tour of the Courthouse shortly after its latest renovation (one of those perquisites or being an architect 😁) and it is a truly magnificent structure.
  7. Sounds like a good time. Unfortunately, I will not be in town and my valentine will be in another place entirely. I would like to see anyone's review of the evening. Hopefully, Hyatt will have similar events in the future. I haven't been to "Spend"letop since 1980 but I remember it well.
  8. I believe roadrunners was a good choice and I am pleased to see this happening in my new (as of July 2021) hometown.
  9. Brings back memories of the "Luv Ya, Blue" days. Go Texans!
  10. Having dined at Hungry's next to this site and attended Bach Society events at Christ the King Lutheran Church across Rice Blvd. I can attest getting out of the parking lot onto the street can be a challenge at times. Turning left onto Rice? Forget it. Turn right and make the block. 😬
  11. I sure hope we can shake the home field curse that plagued the team last year, especially during the play-offs. It was just weird.
  12. I ate at the Hudson House in Addison a little over a year ago. I was in town on business and taken there by a colleague who raved about the place. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion but it doesn't mean he or she knows good food or decent service for that matter. This place had neither.
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