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  1. It was car 401. Here's a video from 2022 showing it in the red white and blue livery
  2. Looks like I'm not the only one who noticed it today https://www.instagram.com/reel/C6yrPlFLw_X/?igsh=MTZwbzJoaWlzcmxiMw==
  3. I saw this railcar in the original 2003 METRORail livery on the Red Line this evening. I hadn't seen one in years. I thought all their stock got painted/wrapped to be more visible to drivers? https://www.houstonpublicmedia.org/articles/news/2017/07/27/227633/metro-wants-to-make-its-light-rail-trains-more-visible/
  4. Adding a lane to right size a road? No problem. Taking away a lane to right size a road?
  5. From Griggs to Blythewood: https://ftp.txdot.gov/pub/txdot/get-involved/hou/us90a/041123-schematic-1.pdf From Calhoun to MLK: https://ftp.txdot.gov/pub/txdot/get-involved/hou/us90a/041123-schematic-2.pdf
  6. Does it seem like our streets and freeways are suddenly getting refreshed traffic lane markings and reflectors all at once? These past few weeks, I've noticed some city streets and freeways are getting fresh lane markings. It wouldn't be one agency doing it all since COH maintains most streets and TxDOT maintains the freeways. COH has been dragging on refreshing lane markings. I've seen them take over a year to refresh markings after a 311 request was submitted so it's good to see it happening. Maybe the COH and TxDOT are unusually in sync this time?
  7. That's why we need to get Chris Hollins back in the running. If he hadn't dropped out, I believe he and Whitmire would've gone to a runoff and left SJL in the dust.
  8. The last book I purchased from River Oaks Bookstore before their closure was about Houston Architect Arthur Evan Jones and the architecture firm, Lloyd Morgan Jones. Town and Country was one of their earlier projects.
  9. Hmm. At this rate, he might be first one term mayor since Neal Pickett.
  10. Did they remove the Dillidiidae sculpture or relocate it to another part of the park?
  11. The 5" sidewalks aren't being widened, so he's probably ok with it, but he might not like the full depth concrete pavement replacement. All he knows is "mill and overlay".
  12. I read mostly guttural braying from the anti-Ellis crowd on X.
  13. Bruce is my cousin. You just unlocked a memory. He was also in the Thunder Soul documentary in 2010 about Conrad Johnson.
  14. That will increase to three once the Quitman overpass is built. It's too bad that the plans don't include a Cavalcade overpass/underpass at the railroad. I frequently see trains stopped on the West Belt track there.
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