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  1. Already divided by the railroad tracks, (which I believe are actually the western boundary of the 5th Ward).
  2. All 4. 5. Pass out on new Mattress Firm mattress (or on the display in the store).
  3. Of course, you don't all need to go side-by-side. This seems to be a hard concept for people to understand.
  4. With this demolition and Tilman's purchase of the office building next door, I'd be surprised if Tilman is not purchasing this property as well.
  5. What's the over/under on the percentage at which Downtown Austin's office availability rate tops out? Will it hit 40%?
  6. To be clear, the reference to future expansion opportunities for River Oaks District was with respect to the 3.4-acre parcel at 4702 Westheimer (adjacent to ROD), which Tilman also purchased.
  7. Yeah, I really wish they would redo the Westheimer frontage to connect with the neighborhood. My guess is this is intentional on their part; short-sighted in my view, but I'm guessing they view themselves the big dog/destination and they don't want to make it convenient for "their" customers to venture out into the neighborhood.
  8. The whole Commons is really beautiful. Great addition to a pretty amazing park.
  9. Shops and services such as nail salons, sauna studios, and juice bars are part of the mix that creates an urban neighborhood.
  10. Aren't you the guy who was hating on Regent Square a while back because they were leasing to a nail spa, a sauna and a Clean Juice?
  11. The demand for upscale steakhouses seems practically unquenchable. Not much farther either east or west and we have a bunch more as well. I'm sure I'm leaving out a bunch. Do you think Turner's Cut is going to be the one to tip the scale? ;-) Vic & Anthony's Pappas Bros Gatsby's Guard and Grace Morton's Toro Shula's The Palm Steak 48 Del Frisco's Double Eagle Capital Grille Ruth's Chris Mastro's
  12. Presumably, you are predicting Austin and DFW will have the most new construction in the Texas triangle (possible for certain periods of time, but not a given), not that both Austin and DFW will have larger populations than Houston (not gonna happen in the lifetimes of anyone reading this).
  13. Who is Brochsteins? Who is Brochsteins?
  14. Interesting... I'm sure there will be a detailed and accurate report in tomorrow's Chronicle.
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