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  1. Given the location of the lumber company, it's safe to say that Dincans St. was named after the company and/or its namesake.
  2. There's plenty on Reddit, but as usual, there's more heat than light (pun fully intended).
  3. Better that than a candy company on 22nd Street.
  4. Every time this thread gets updated, I'm hoping to see what the marketing team for this development has come up with.
  5. According to comments at Cinema Treasures, it was renovated into a live-performance venue in 1978. There's also a list of films that played there that covers from 1960 up until the end of 1975. It's not clear if they screened any films between the end of 1975 and the renovation in 1978.
  6. We crossed that threshold some time ago, when molecular gastronomy became a thing.
  7. Wow, I had almost completely forgotten about Herfy's. I have almost no recollection of the food there, just their logo bearing a picture of a steer. If a Whataburger were to ever be replaced by an In-N-Out, that would probably be grounds for a mob bearing pitchforks and torches to converge on it.
  8. Joseph Cullinan's gravesite at Glenwood Cemetery, a short distance away from Howard Hughes' gravesite. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/3754/joseph-stephen-cullinan
  9. I think you may be confusing this mansion, which was built in 1994, with the 1937 mansion Fayez Sarofim lived in, and which was put on the market last year. The latter was indeed designed by Briscoe, but by the time this one was built, Briscoe had been dead for more than twenty years. Unless it was designed and then not actually built until much later? 1937 River Oaks home owned by the late Fayez Sarofim goes on the market for $13.5M
  10. If the Pure Gas app is to be believed, that will be only the third gas station inside the beltway that sells ethanol-free gas. Unfortunately it's almost certainly a curious outlier rather the harbinger of a broader trend. Most (all?) Buc-ees seem to sell it as well, but they're not exactly convenient.
  11. Originally the home of the Briargrove 3 Cinemas, which, if not the first dollar theater in town, had to have been one of the earliest (it didn't start out as a dollar theater, but it couldn't have been a first-run house for more than a few years following its opening in 1977). The three sections on the Plaza sign with the interchangeable letters used to function as the theater's marquee when it was still in operation. Sun & Ski Sports currently occupies the space where the theater was.
  12. Have been eating at Nielsen's for over forty years. Before they were in the current location on Richmond, they were on Montrose near 59 (4500 Montrose). That location was the first one I visited, but there was at least one location (and possibly others) that preceded it. Definitely a Houston institution, and I'm reminded that it's been a while since I've had my usual roast beef and swiss on rye with a dixie cup of their famous potato salad.
  13. Flower Row was already in decline years before COVID. Its heyday was in the 80s and 90s, but the number of shops had already shrunk significantly by the time this Chron piece was published in 2007: Thorns on Houston's Flower Row
  14. Really tired of HEB being the only place I ever go that doesn't take ApplePay.
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