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  1. It never does, regardless of what the topic at hand is.
  2. At the risk of putting my cynicism on full display, I'm calling BS on this. I can't speak to the condition of 2507 Times, but I find it hard to believe that 5607 Morningside did "not meet current requirements for occupancy" when its sole reason for closure was the pandemic, and it has been vacant since then. Exactly what changed in the interim to render it a neighborhood menace comparable to the befanged Ashby High-Rise Monster? Rice seems to have gotten in the habit of relying on the time-tested appeal to health and safety as a figleaf to tamp down criticism when they're intent on razing buildings and they know that such actions won't be welcomed by everyone. Wish I'd known about the memorabilia auction before it took place. At least they're donating the proceeds to a reputable charity, although if they are referring to the "original signage" that I think they are, I'd have preferred that particular piece of memorabilia to be given back to the general manager who designed and created it.
  3. There's a correlation between all three, in a very specific order: 1. Pick up Rx at dispensary 2. Pick up vape at smoke shop 3. Use 1. with 2. as intended 4. Immediately develop powerful craving for hot chicken sandwich
  4. You should've been here when the Heights historic district was being implemented. Or when the Walmart on Yale was built.
  5. Can't remember if this has been posted here before, but in case it hasn't: Historic River Oaks home built for George R. Brown asks $10 million
  6. I was born there as well, a couple of decades after your wife. There once was a time when there was a pretty good chance that if you asked any native Houstonian where they were born, the answer would be "St. Joseph's".
  7. I've used Kelsey for more than 20 years. My PCP was based out of the Tanglewood location until he retired several years ago. To my mind, one of Kelsey's advantages was that it was owned and operated by a group of physicians. You are probably aware of this already, but a couple of years ago Kelsey was bought by United Healthcare and they are now operated by United's Optum subsidiary. Probably the only thing worse than a healthcare provider being owned by a huge insurance company is being owned by a private equity firm. While I can't say that I've noticed major changes as a result of the change in ownership so far, I have noticed some little things that IMO are not for the better, but I'm not 100% sure if some of those can be attributed to the difference in styles between my former doctor and the one I'm seeing now. For now, I'm continuing to use Kelsey, but I'm keeping a close watch for anything that seems suboptimal, and won't hesitate to switch providers if I think it's necessary to do so. Not sure where you've been seeing negative feedback, but if you haven't already done so I'd encourage you to do a search for "Kelsey" on the Houston subreddit. There are some pretty eye-opening comments there regarding a decline in the quality of services and billing issues.
  8. 1920s? From the cars visible in the foreground, I'd say the earliest year this photo could be from is 1977.
  9. It's almost inevitable that the Cybertruck will go down in automotive history as "the Pontiac Aztek of the 21st Century".
  10. It's probably a tall order for NC State to get past second-seeded Marquette, but if that were to happen, and the Coogs beat Duke, it would set up an Elite Eight meeting between the Coogs and the Wolfpack. It sure would be sweet if the Coogs punched a ticket to the Final Four by beating NC State. The only downside would be how many times we'd have to watch replays of the closing seconds of the 1983 championship game.
  11. T W House, Jr. was the older brother of "Colonel" Edward Mandell House, one of Woodrow Wilson's closest advisers from the time Wilson won the Democratic nomination for President in 1912 until the aftermath of World War I and the Paris Peace Conference in 1919. Findagrave - Edward Mandell “Colonel” House
  12. LeRoy Melcher Jr. died from lung cancer in 1981 at the age of 42. I'm guessing he was treated at MD Anderson, as I believe his mother Lucile was responsible for this fountain built in his memory. His father, LeRoy Sr., was the founder of the U-Tote-M chain of convenience stores.
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