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  1. Not possible. That building is a historic landmark, to be preserved forever🤣🤣🤣
  2. The 1912 directory shows the school at the current location at 3309 Beauchamp. The building was replaced sometime before 1943, as the aerials show a building that is similar in shape to the current structure without the later additions.
  3. 10 Remington Lane in Shadyside. Looks like the house is still there from the aerials
  4. Northwest corner of Louisiana and Leeland in the 1923 directory. That's where one of the Chevron buildings is now.
  5. The Red Line extension was built several years before WOMH came to be. It was more useful at the time to make the turn and then follow Fulton up to Northline.
  6. Loading images from external sites like imgur is always going to be slower. That's the nature of the beast. You wanted input, I gave input. I don't mind a single map with a link so others can choose the level of detail they want to see, if any. Posting multiple versions of the same map at different zoom levels wastes my time, my bandwidth, and is annoying. Same thing with pictures. Post a thumbnail with a link. That would be far kinder to folks whose mobile plans do not include unlimited data. I don't do forums on my phone, and have gigabit fiber at home, so speed isn't an issue for me.
  7. If you want the site to load faster, don't put in as many links to pictures you've saved on imgur. We also don't need multiple levels of zoom on the same image. Or multiple Google street view angles. That's what makes pages load slowly. Use links and give us the choice of looking at the pictures, rather than forcing us to look at them. Or put a thumbnail picture with a link to a larger picture.
  8. I disagree. The number of posts per page is fine. I haven't noticed any real issues with pages loading. Loading pictures from external sites takes time, but the text loads and can be read while the pictures are loading.
  9. Mayor Whitmire is calling for cancellation of the project, which is embroiled in controversy due to the radio tower that could hit the development if it fell https://www.fox26houston.com/news/houston-mayor-calls-for-termination-of-controversial-east-side-housing-project Oops, didn't notice this has already been mentioned in a previous post.
  10. That's the folks who forget that the 11th street project was not about bike lanes, that was just an extra bit that came about during the design phase.
  11. Nope, the pedestrian islands have to go, as they interfere with the ability of cars to get to their destination quickly. In fact, Studewood should be widened to two lanes each way by removing the unnecessary sidewalks on either side. If God meant for us to walk, he wouldn't have created the car. And, let's not forget that pedestrians are unAmerican commies. Walking is a sign you hate the glorious design of spread out suburbs. For the sarcasm impaired, the above is sarcasm
  12. I guess that means we will be looking at ripping out all of the changes on 11th, and a return to 50mph weaving across lanes. Followed by ripping out the new wide sidewalks on Shepherd and Durham to add the 4th lane back.
  13. Andy's was in one of the most walkable parts of Houston, and still needed people in cars to succeed. That is not going to change anytime soon, changes will occur incrementally over time.
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