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  1. Is it going to be one house? That's going to be a decent size lot then
  2. My entire childhood I remember the 410/10 interchange in San Antonio under construction. When I finally drove on it, it had just finished
  3. I drove past it yesterday it's just a parking lot. It's even less a plaza than I thought
  4. I can't find the article, but I do remember reading that one of the reasons that response times were slow is a lot of HPD are on "special teams" e.g. drug task forces Found the quote after some digging This article is from last year https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/investigations/article/houston-police-response-times-18091539.php
  5. Sounds like the most fun kind of demolition
  6. Reminds me a little of the Sydney opera house. I wonder at what point a screen is so big it distracts players.
  7. They put up "now hiring signs" all over the neighborhood this weekend
  8. Looking back, its unclear to me what curbs were added - and google maps hasn't been updated because its so recent. The construction photos make it look like any of dozens of roads in houston with medians - lots of turning lanes and curb cuts, with minimal protection of the cross walk at the tips of the medians. Does someone have a diagram of the project with the places people don't like marked?
  9. The photos in the listing are good historical photos of the area
  10. I wonder if it will open before ∑ternal Beauty - they have the sign outside and some metal framing inside but no work in months
  11. The Nextdoor people found out https://nextdoor.com/p/mQmht649_6yk?post=306185314&utm_source=email&is=tpe&section=cta&mar=true&ct=tfzr1NpvmegZqins1yBghtHCXGH_ZxSNK-JfReQxYb3tpHAgb3K5271FBLuR4nmK&ec=OWKiQRDj9vEHAYwTV6YMARldwuFdgGkeefhwfGYAE0s%3D&mobile_deeplink_data=eyJhY3Rpb24iOiAidmlld19wb3N0IiwgInBvc3QiOiAzMDYxODUzMTR9&link_source_user_id=17635004 The alarmist comments are pretty funny too
  12. I couldnt get my q card replaced easily, so I temporarily started using the app and it’s been good enough I never got a q card
  13. $63 is low enough to legit do it for a block party or a birthday party
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