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  1. Yeah. It’s not quite an eyesore but I’m also hopeful the trees grow fast!
  2. Was 1115 Live Oak always part of this or was that recently added to the scope?
  3. I believe the old MT trading building has some work happening. There’s a dumpster outside and saw some workers there last week. Still shown as for lease … so who knows?
  4. Based on this they plan to build the garage facing st Emanuel, which is fine but hopefully there is something on that side as well other than just garage … Doesn’t appear to be based on the renderings, but maybe they’ll alter the plans Looks like all the concepts are currently facing Hutchins?
  5. Guessing this will be developed. They own the dirt I believe, which has to be more valuable than the operation at this point.
  6. These types of installations are for all ages and imo are pretty cool. There’s one in Tokyo that has many interactive experiences and definitely worth the price of admission.
  7. Excavator on site today, excavating … Large piles of dirt are emerging.
  8. https://houston.innovationmap.com/ion-rice-university-restructuring-paul-cherukuri-2667203659.html
  9. The amount of people blatantly running red lights has increased substantially over the last couple years. It’s scary …
  10. Hmm, wouldn’t Sugar Land be more of a McMansion than multifamily?
  11. This is definitely more in line w what Rice wants than what the startup ecosystem needs. IMO this will just lead to same status quo/laggard mentality that is synonymous with Houston in general. The Rice and UH students won’t get a real taste of the startup ecosystem and thus will never be on the same level as those from, let’s say, Stanford. For a real startup ecosystem to emerge and get into orbit, bootstrapped big vision companies will have to want start and stay here. It likely won’t happen. The Ion District is going to turn into a shinier, more expensive version of what’s come before. It really is a pity. There’s so much potential here.
  12. It’s unfortunate for the startup community. We all got hyped about what was being proposed, just to be disappointed by the lack of real vision. VC money typically doesn’t flow to Houston, simply because people don’t have the right mentality/strategy to building world changing tech. There are a few companies that are success stories, but there could be many more with the right leadership and resources. I’m building my company in Houston, but spent many years learning how to do so from people elsewhere. Shiny new buildings rarely yield successful startups. Again, the Ion district is just a real estate play under the guise of being a place for innovation.
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