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  1. That's frustrating. Not sure what value they gained by removing them.
  2. They were doing exploratory demolition at 908 Live Oak yesterday.
  3. Think it's the mid-block building behind this. It was sold to a venture tied to the Czech Museum back in 21/22. They also acquired the parking lot at Wichita and Fannin.
  4. Shell has been trying to acquire sites inside the loop for EV Charging. Given this site doesn't lay out well for a typical gas station, seems like it might make sense to become an EV Charging station.
  5. I imagine Lustre Pearl will also be opening soon. Will be nice to add a bit more vibrancy to the neighborhood.
  6. They've got parking behind the building (behind the garage) that they haven't opened up yet.
  7. The interior was being cleared out this past week. The contractor said they’re going through the city permitting process and anticipate opening no earlier than the end of year.
  8. Looks like these guys are still working on funding…
  9. The lot doesn't have circulation. It has a 25 car parking aisle just dead end, meaning you have to reverse 150' if you drive down the aisle and don't find parking. You could imagine the mess and frustration this would cause during busy hours. They could fix the problem pretty easily, but would have to give up 4 parking spaces.
  10. Wish I did. Made a run at a property nearby at 6803 wynnwood, but got beat out on it. Really like this area a lot.
  11. The city will require you to disconnect from its sewer system if you are planning to demolish a building.
  12. The abandonment would open up quite a bit of potential for this site (think backside of MKT). Hoping it gets approved.
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