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  1. Couldn't agree more. I have some faith this time. This is neither their first outpost nor their first expansion. The other locations seem to be doing well. I hope it's less of an over extended flash in the pan like Gatsby's and has better service (and less premade frozen food) than Acadian Coast
  2. Non-paywalled link to the interview in question: https://youtu.be/wr0NJZP3g7Q
  3. Signage for Jonathan's The Run is coming up today. Didn't snap a picture as it was still in the early stages so it didn't look great.
  4. Big day for IAH news I guess, as KHOU had this article up today reporting that the combined processing area for Terminals D and E is expected to be open in the winter. https://www.khou.com/article/news/local/bush-airport-international-terminal/285-e90cf4de-d81e-46c3-8a11-a2248ccff6f0
  5. Officially sold in 2013, but he's been around as the heir-apparent since 2011.
  6. Looks like whatever is going on here is in full swing. Cidercade seems to have moved over a bit closer to Common Desk while the Canal-facing wall has been opened up and the inside gutted. Cidercade is also closed this week. Looks to be in line with a kitchen addition.
  7. Signage is a good sign of progress. They also have a "now hiring" sign up
  8. Yes. I spoke with them about it and they indicated that they would prefer to go the commercial route, but haven't decided what specifically.
  9. Officially official. The boys and girls club has been sold to a townhome developer: https://www.bbzdevelopment.com/home
  10. If I recall, Marquette bought this building when it was building Forth as "Phase II" of that redevelopment. I'm guessing they don't want a smoldering lead ash (the smell is noticeable) pile on their lot.
  11. Like Hindesky said, GFR is ground Floor Retail. My comment about the church is with regards to the prohibition of alcohol/liquor licenses being issued withing 500ft (if I recall) of a church/school. The GFR on the Navigation side of Forth is about 200ft, max, from the church. Arguably it is well outside 500ft of the school, but it would depend on how the church/school plot is drawn up.
  12. Flying Biscuit sign is up. Apologies, posted it upside down and it won't let me edit the post.
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