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  1. There appears to be some movement on this property. Will update soon.
  2. I've lived in the area for 8 years now. Driving by in Jensen, or on the i10 on-ramp and looking out, the development is crazy. May not be the most aestheticly pleasing development (it's not bad), but seeing multifamily infill, next to other multi-family, all centered around the bayou and Navigation (which itself has one large multifamily complex and another on its way, plus street improvements and repaving, expansion of the Esplanade, and the long needed roundabout) is really great.
  3. I believe Flying Biscuit will be on the Canal side of those project. I've seen a lot of folks walking in/out of that space, so I presume work is underway.
  4. Seeing those new routes makes me want HKG back. An IAH-SGN would really tickle my fancy. Unfortunately, that's out of range for Vietnam Air's 787 fleet and teeters on the bring of the 350-900's range.
  5. I guess the symbiotic Cidercade/Southside pizza relationship is over. For the best, honestly. Southside is terrible.
  6. Colliers "For Lease" sign is down for the two commercial units. No longer appears online either. Possible both units are leased out or they are switching realtors.
  7. Personally I always feel like D is a UA afterthought with all the non-UA international flights. Obviously some fly out of there, but it just doesn't feel like the role of that Terminal. That said, maybe now that it's up to two flights a day, maybe Turkish will go for a star alliance lounge in D and Air New Zealand and UA pitch in a bit so that it's open to more than just Turkish
  8. I think the biggest problem with Gatsby's was less the price (which I agree was not in line with what it should have been) but their wildly inconsistent food, overt mismanagement, and poor service. All of which likely stemmed from trying to open two new restaurants at once.
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