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  1. https://www.galvnews.com/news/galveston-group-launches-drive-to-build-workforce-housing/article_456806d3-97cc-562b-85f6-3c8bf836bb70.html
  2. Does anyone have a timeline for this project? I think I remember seeing something about Planning Phase extending through 2024 and construction starting sometime next year.
  3. Uhhhh... were you expecting two city blocks? How could the parking lot be any bigger than it is?
  4. Good to know that the developers of 1500 Gray are still alive after all this time. I might actually feel sorry for them if they had already built the highrise that was initially proposed.
  5. Opening Tuesday. https://www.galvnews.com/news/galvestons-newest-grocery-store-prepares-for-opening/article_9c165fd6-2bfe-523b-ad1f-53dc9d4bcebe.html
  6. This one is inherently worse than others because there is no incentive to develop and no property taxes collected by the County or Downtown TIRZ. A development agreement with Downtown Houston for underground parking and street level park or event space seemed like a no-brainer to me; it would have also been the perfect tie-in for a bridge to the potential Pierce Elevated Park. But perhaps with the recently completed Trebly Park so close, there was no appetite for another long-term lease agreement for greenspace.
  7. The listing sounds like it was written by a bot. Not surprised they got the address wrong too.
  8. I don't know what y'all are talking about. I stopped by last weekend to check it out and the lady cashier said I looked like Fabio. Do I look like Fabio? No. Will I go back for more compliments? Signs point to yes.
  9. I'm not surprised. When I was walking in the area, the line was at least four blocks long. One of the workers said prices were $40-45 each.
  10. From a road construction post on Facebook. Windows are in and looks like they're getting ready for siding
  11. The remainder of the article: MSC's 20-year operating agreement for the terminal includes four five-year extension options. The company will have a set cruise schedule at the terminal, but the port can negotiate with other cruise lines to use the facility when it's available. The port will develop the $100 million cruise terminal, $42 million parking garage, internal roadway and other improvements using port cash reserves and revenue bonds. Located at Pier 16, the project includes converting an existing cargo warehouse into the 165,000-square-foot cruise terminal. In November, the Galveston Wharves Board of Trustees approved a $5.3 million engineering and architecture services contract for Miami-based Bermello Ajamil & Partners Inc. The full scope of work includes designing the terminal building, a parking garage, marine structure improvements and a passenger boarding bridge. BA also will design civil improvements such as surface parking, access roads and utilities. The 20-year strategic master plan that the board approved in 2019 originally projected the fourth cruise terminal would not be needed until 2031. However, the project is getting underway years earlier than expected — and less than two years after the third terminal opened — because Del Monte Fresh Produce Co., a longtime cargo tenant, outgrew its Port of Galveston facilities. "We are happy to see that Del Monte was able to relocate 30 miles to the south in Freeport, thus retaining its regional economic impact," Rodger Rees, Galveston Wharves port director and CEO, said in the Feb. 6 announcement. "We leveraged this opportunity based on the unprecedented popularity of the cruise industry and our optimal location in the central part of the United States." Galveston will be MSC's fourth homeport in the U.S., joining those in Miami; Port Canaveral, Florida; and New York City. MSC Cruises is the world’s third-largest cruise brand, per the Port of Galveston, and the MSC Seascape is the newest vessel in the company's Seaside class of ships, which were designed specifically for Caribbean cruising and feature enlarged and enhanced outdoor spaces. Launched in 2022, MSC Seascape can accommodate 5,632 passengers and 1,648 crew members. With the additional capacity from the new terminal, the Port of Galveston is expected to be the eighth-largest cruise port globally, Rees said. "That MSC chose Galveston as its newest home port is a tribute to our strong and growing cruise market," Rees said. "Our popularity is reflected in the growth of our passenger counts and sailings." Nationwide, Galveston is the fourth-busiest port for cruises, based on its record 1.49 million cruise passengers in 2023, up 43% from 2022. For 2024, the port has scheduled 388 sailings, which could carry 1.6 million cruise passengers, Rees said. Adding a fourth cruise terminal is expected to create 925 jobs for the local economy, $58.6 million in income, $177 million in revenue, $21 million in onshore spending by passengers and crew, and $5 million in state and local taxes, Galveston Wharves said previously. In 2022, the cruise business had a huge impact on the local economy, according to a port-commissioned study by Martin and Associates. The industry created 3,489 local jobs, $567.8 million in local business revenue, $19.7 million in state and local tax revenue, $1.9 million in business revenue per cruise vessel and $73.5 million in onshore spending by passengers and crew. Direct benefits to the city of Galveston included an estimated $900,000 port payment for total passenger movements, $370,000 in sales tax from port parking revenue and a $180,000 guaranteed port payment. In addition to opening its third cruise terminal, the Port of Galveston also has welcomed several new ships in the past few years. Most recently, Carnival Jubilee and Norwegian Prima arrived in Galveston in December.
  12. You know you're NIMBYing hard when you get into "what if this radio tower falls in specifically this direction."
  13. On 1/30/24, Privacy Holdings LLC filed TABC applications for MB, FB, & LH at 2402 Austin St.
  14. Demolition has begun. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1698050440406424/permalink/3819053421639438/?mibextid=Nif5oz
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