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  1. Per @hindesky: "Crux Climbing Center has announced that it has signed a 22,000-square-foot lease at 3100 Canal St., also known as The Plant in Second Ward." https://www.chron.com/culture/article/houston-climbing-gym-crux-18549494.php
  2. I'm going to repost this in the Concept Neighborhood thread since it will be part of the new development! How exciting.
  3. I feel like a bodega-type operation similar to kickin' kombucha would be more sustainable. Clearly F&B is working in the area (with the exception of Angelo's concepts which sounds more like creative confusion than lack of demand). Hopefully there is still an opportunity for targeted, small grocery retail of some sort in the future. It worries me for Jonny Rhodes' new East River concept. Especially in such a generic retail market that will no doubt be City Centre 2.0.
  4. Are these plans listed in another thread? I haven't heard of a reroute.
  5. They done a ton in GOOF area which has totally transformed the 34th street corridor. That's great news!
  6. Are there any updates on the townhome development around here? They cleared out so much land but the progress of building has been so slow.
  7. Damn, I'm going to miss that mussel pasta. Also, I'm sure you guys already know this, but both foods are currently available: Angie's is serving pizza out of How to Survive on Land and Sea and Louie's does weekend pop ups from the coffee shop next door (you have to order in advance). Highly recommend stopping in How to Survive for some wine n za
  8. Angie's is my favorite pizza in Houston. Angelo and his sister had a place in the East End that had a bit of an identity crisis, pizza pop up > coffee cafe > italian restaurant > pizza again, but all of the food was incredible. The Louie's italian and his pizzas are the best versions that came out of that metamorphosis, but I have a feeling given that his sister Lucianna (Louie) is a pastry chef that it may end up being a cafe/coffee shop version? I'd be curious! Also why Little Louie's? Are we getting a larger Louie's in the future?
  9. lets hope this plan involves trees. its currently so desolate
  10. Is there another thread that shows their plans for this location? I remember seeing a post about plans for a multifamily development here with GFR but I can't find it
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