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  1. Given the option though, I'd rather have the view of downtown vs the other direction.
  2. That makes sense what they're trying to do (make money), but to me the area doesn't justify that kind of density. Also a bunch of those houses were finished in the 2020/2021 timeframe and they left the other lots empty. I thought that was odd. They missed the window on building out the rest of the townhomes while rates were down and prices were up.
  3. I'm a nearby property owner and I got the Public Hearing Notice. Here's what I can summarize: "the applicant proposes to replat lots 3,4, 14, 21, 24, 27, and 30 of Williams on Commerce, single family residential plat recorded in 2017, in order to build 7 more units than the original plat allows. Then it references local government code 212.015 and Houston Code or Ordnance Chapter 42. Basically the new lots don't meet the minimum lot size and width per the city codes, and they're seeking a variance so they can build them. 7 more units than the original plat allows though? Seems like a bit much.
  4. Soooo basically it was no different than Acadian Coast. I wonder if they just carried over the same management/staff. To me, that was the real problem there (other than the overpriced menu items).
  5. They absolutely need to add greenery and shade trees. It would be a huge disappointment if they aren't able to do this. That whole stretch is full of prime property that can transform the area, but it needs infrastructure and pedestrian friendly amenities.
  6. Nice. I wish they would do this on Commerce St from St. Charles to Velasco!
  7. I have noticed that too. Can't quite figure out what it's for. I didn't realize it was overnight though. My guess was it was being used as day-time parking for construction at the Mill and they're bussed back and forth. But that wouldn't make sense if it was overnight.
  8. Yeah it sucks that nothing has happened. Maybe just a new owner content to sit on the property for years and sell it later.
  9. its because of a high school world championship competition at the GRB, called FIRST.
  10. club across the street? I haven't seen/heard of a club in that area.
  11. This has to be the slowest project i've seen in this area. They started the process over two years ago!
  12. Drift racing tracks. 100% they're going to start filming NFS Tokyo Houston Drift, confirmed.
  13. So I was curious about this property and googled the address. There *used to be* an old two story building that matches the exterior/shape of the drawing above. Here's an old apartments dot come post for it: https://www.apartments.com/2711-harrisburg-blvd-houston-tx/g2tmkjw/ Also on google maps street view you can see it there as recently as May 2011. It was demolished some time after that. That's too bad. It would have been a nice spot to have a restaurant/retail location. Instead it's been a parking lot for 10+ years. Hopefully that will change soon.
  14. I wish they started this project already. Once the Mill is finished and the East River development phase 1 is completed, the traffic is going to increase quite a bit.
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