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  1. That's a fun shortcut across the river but riding on that part of North Ave is pretty horrible.
  2. 3902 McKinney is now for sale. I actually bought a jar of the Fix & Fogg peanut butter this weekend (here in Chicago) and it's cool to see the 3902 McKinney's stamped on the back, even if that location is no more.
  3. Ahh, that's disappointing. I've moved away from Houston since my initial post, but I was really excited about it at the time and hopeful it would have opened by now.
  4. We moved away from Houston last year and made it a point to have dinner at Nancy's Hustle while we were visiting last weekend.
  5. Their Instagram bio says "SECOND location coming soon to EaDo!", so I'd think it will also be 8 Row Flint.
  6. FINALLY! This lot has been aching for something better suited to the neighborhood.
  7. I've been curious about that building for years. It used to be painted a drab green and I'd occasionally see someone walking in or leaving, and just assumed the building was being used as storage for the gym across the street or some other company. I had to do a double-take this morning when I saw the glass door and retail signage.
  8. I was walking down McKinney this morning and noticed one of the commercial roll-up bay doors had been replaced with a much fancier glass door, with a sign for "Fix & Fogg", which is a New Zealand-based artisanal peanut butter company that currently distributes to places like Whole Foods, Forth & Nomad, and Local Foods, and has (had?) a little walk-up window in Montrose. I didn't know this was something I wanted in the neighborhood, but apparently it's pretty good stuff! Fix & Fogg The Untold Truth of Fix and Fogg Instagram
  9. La Esquina is going to be posting up at East End Backyard in the evenings on Tuesday-Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday. They'll still be in their usual spot (corner of Hunt and Harrisburg across the light rail from the coffee plant) all day Monday and during lunch Tuesday-Friday. La Esquina's pretty awesome and I'm sure they'll do really well at East End Backyard.
  10. They've been closed for a while for construction, but recently posted on Instagram that they re-open this Saturday, March 5.
  11. Caribbean Airlines to launch direct flights to Houston, Texas
  12. That was a pretty epic set. My buddy and I were also inappropriately dressed for the weather and had 1.) ridden our bikes to DFN from the East End 2.) agreed to meet our girlfriends (now wives) at Anvil after the show so we hauled down Milam as quickly as we could to both stay warm and minimize how long we were out in the cold. Good times.
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