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  1. This is great news. They went with such an odd trend of the time, aged it quickly. They already have a few cow hide rugs, so what's the harm in adding some more?
  2. Apologies for the grainy photo. Screenshot of a video.
  3. This is exciting. Their renderings for the buildings last cycle were really nice (especially the lone tall one). Excited to see what they cook up next. Do they own the Anadarko tower complex in the Woodlands?
  4. This is such a waste of time and money. Also bitter about the Y pillars getting annihilated.
  5. There was a thread on r/houston, and thought I was on nextdoor for a second. It's just as bright as 1 Shell in the distance. Our Downtown lighting is a joke, the absolute minimum. A lighting scheme comes along with something other than just the roof outline and it's an "eyesore". If it's a bright enough problem for the Allen House or the Apartments to the south, sure they could dim them a bit. Otherwise, think it looks great. Downtown properties should step up their game if they don't wish to be outshined. Complaining about lack of lights as another ERCOT warning comes out for next week. 🙄
  6. At least the current building is interesting. It's "diagonal" to the grid, and very well lit at night. Another boring blue box for the Energy Corridor, I mean Allen Parkway.
  7. Looks like I & II ground floor renovations. Interesting to get rid of the bottom two floors on that corner and incorporate larger stainless steel columns. Would flow with the infamous Post Oak arches.
  8. Does a picture of an attractive young woman sell more units than actually showing what they're supposed to look like?
  9. On a different note, the office buildings in Greenspoint have updated Christmas lights (Red & Green LED vs the last 80s bulbs in the city). Cool to see the empty mall parking lot being used for something else.
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