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  1. I went for the first time recently. We parked in the lot down next to Katz's lot...no towing, short walk. As for the food...it was rather good, but the portions can't be considered generous.
  2. jm1fd

    Octane ratings

    I haven't noticed 88 anywhere either. I have, however, seen 92 instead of 93 before.
  3. If a neighbor reports you to the city, the city will come after you and enforce the deed restrictions....only takes one with a stick up their ass.
  4. HCAD's year built info is notoriously inaccurate for houses built before ~1950 or so. I mean come on....does 200 sound like a reasonable answer? No.
  5. No. Depends on the individual property....espescially in ELCA....they've gone around to homeowners through the years, trying to get them to sign up for restrictions on a property by property basis. No restrictions on the parcel, then they have no authority. Simple as that.
  6. I have seen instances of restricted lots in older neighborhoods that were largely un-restricted. This was not due to a replat but rather individual property owners signing up to bind their land to the restrictions. I would think the same process would apply for properties where the restrictions have expired.
  7. A more aggressive sander such as a belt sander or an angle grinder would probably make things go faster, espescially when it comes to getting things more or less even. You can follow up with the hand sander for the final pass.
  8. This building is such a stunner! Gorgeous! I can't wait until they've completed restoring it. I also hope they get a bit more organization to the museum side of things...the exhibits are pretty disjointed, and lacking context.
  9. Be sure to test drive a Sebring 'cause that's what you're going to be spending a lot of quality time in while the VW is broke down.
  10. Just get the Lexus. You won't regret it. I positively ADORED my SC 400...it was such an endearing car.
  11. They've unearthed what appears to be the basement of a building at the corner of Caroline and Franklin. Anybody know what building used to be at that corner?
  12. The meter sits in a socket, it is plug and play. They just cut the seal, pop the lock-ring off, pull the old meter out of the socket (cutting power to your house), pop the new one into the socket and put the lockring & a new seal back on.
  13. The noise from the loop isn't bad. Have you looked at the section between Shepherd and Ella? The houses are in better condition in that section, and a few McMansions have popped up in that section.
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