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  1. They were in this building until 1962, when they moved to Capital St. That location was closed in 1974.
  2. I couldn't find my source for this, but I believe this building was acquired by the Medical Center and then used for offices.
  3. The bar there was fun. We always referred to it as just "Cocktail Lounge", since there was a neon Cocktail Lounge sign over the street entrance. The crowd was a mix of guests and neighborhood people who were clued into the place. The jukebox seemed to have not been updated since 1967. It had a mix of vintage C&W and 1967-ish pop songs - think Hank Williams with Nancy Sinatra's "Sugar Town".
  4. "Uptown" then was along South Main. My guess is that this was planned to be in the Shamrock / Prudential Building area.
  5. Another article. They are starting with Mellie. https://therealdeal.com/texas/2022/08/26/ornate-downtown-houston-high-rise-set-for-resi-makeover/
  6. Most of the Chinese restaurants were east of downtown. I vaguely remember a two-story center with a large Chinese restaurant downstairs.
  7. I never knew that. This is the older First City logo.
  8. I wonder if the neighbors will complain again. It does seem out of scale for the neighborhood.
  9. Thanks for this. People don't seem to realize that flooding is a feature, not a bug. As was pointed out upthread, flooding in a freeway is water that isn't in someone's house.
  10. I'm thrilled to see this progress, but astounded that it will take until the end of 2027.
  11. I think that Samsung is basically asking for not just a tax break, but to have all local taxes rescinded.
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