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  1. Not a bad idea. Expensive to implement but could pay for itself.
  2. Agree. I just don't see the Govt. ever trying to work hard and employ continual service improvement for non-paying customers. And wait lists are not just for procedures. Even simple things like CAT scans can take months.
  3. Who says it'd be better? Canada and the UK systems are not. When I used to spend time in London every week on the telly they had a show about how bad their care is. If Hillary couldn't do it, nobody can. She's my man!
  4. Do you want my thoughts on non-profit healthcare of Governemnt run healthcare? Govt. waste is a fact of life, and I don't see how Govt. healthcare would be the exception to that rule.
  5. I think the only apartments left are 1/2 way down Mid Lane. Looks to be a few salvage items left. There was some cool detail on some of the stairs.
  6. Cullen University would be very cool. Not every school in the UH system has to be UH-something. Just look at Lamar, Angelo State, Texas State (now that is a bad name). Some folks call anything in the loop "downtown". Maybe that's the confusion. At one time the main campus was called UH - University Park.
  7. While not closed, Dallas St. from Allen Center to Fannin is total mess. The entire right lane is closed.
  8. So has anyone looked at the 1-series convertible? Well equiped they end up almost as much as a 3.
  9. It's "Tunnel Rat". And I don't participate in that game. I wouldn't walk to MMP if I worked in the Cotton Exchange. Biesball is very, very boring to ME.
  10. So what do they enjoy out of season? Also, typical lazy Houstonians. Too lazy to walk or take the train ;-)
  11. My first thought was the game of life. That's neat.
  12. Anyone ever notice the Houston House garage exit sign says: "Enjoy the Game" What's up with this?
  13. Sounds like the same soundtrack at the HEB on Fountainview and in Atascocita.
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