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  1. Insanely narrow spaces, narrow drive lanes, Starbucks traffic blocking the Hawthorne entrance. I’m not a big fan of door dings so it’s a lot I’ve always avoided completely (even though I used to work just down the street).
  2. This parking lot is one of the worst inside the loop for sure. I think the revolving door on the end cap restaurant space supports that idea.
  3. I think that red one is a V8 Vantage. Basically a British Mustang (sort of). Also driven by Timothy Dalton’s Bond in The Living Daylights (one of the best Bond films, no lie).
  4. I just recently moved to Riverside Terrace within the last 18 months and my dad has been catching me up on the family history of the area. He grew up in South Park and lived on Pershing St. until 1967. My grandmother worked at the Montgomery Wards at Palm Center (I believe at the jewelry counter) for a while during that same time, and even for some time after they had moved. Apparently, someone in the family owned a BBQ restaurant on Griggs in that immediate area. I believe it was located at 5309 Griggs (the building is still there). It was apparently a popular place in the 1960s. I’ve tried looking up more information and am not coming up with anything and didn’t see any posts on here. Is anyone familiar with what the name of this BBQ place would have been?
  5. That’s against City ordinance and should be reported so it can be enforced. People who block sidewalks with their cars are the worst.
  6. A public meeting is being held on Thursday regarding the roundabout project, for anyone interested.
  7. A large quantity of high-density, market-rate housing in place of a former commercial property with no loss of existing, potentially historically-significant homes? Sign me up.
  8. Each of the concepts have certainly been popular, but this constant rebranding and shuffling is a bit disconcerting. I hope this move is successful. I’ll definitely check it out.
  9. Umm that building has been there forever, and I’m sure those bars have been in place the better part of three or four decades. Using that as a data point to judge the development in the area—and ignoring all of the new construction nearby, including Roostar, Gatsby’s Grille, etc. maybe a block away—is daft.
  10. I would absolutely not recommend Scotland Yard. I lived there for three years while attending UH for law school. During that time, my apartment was broken into, my bathroom ceiling collapsed from an HVAC maintenance issue from the unit above, my dishwasher and sink would always back up, and a drunk driver almost drove through my bedroom window somehow. Fun times.
  11. If you ignore the steaks, that menu is fairly reasonable. You have several sandwiches and burgers in the $12 to $15 range. That’s consistent with an “elevated” bar & grill. Does it need to be? I (and I’m sure many others) are more inclined to visit if it isn’t. I know that’s what he stated the goal was in the article, but that could just be dismissed as trying to put a spin on it to drum up enthusiasm. Besides, the two places he mentioned by name aren’t exactly “family friendly.”
  12. “In the heart of EaDo” We’re losing the East End war, eh? Pretty soon EaDo will stretch all the way to 610.
  13. I noticed the public alleyways in the plot and went to take a look at the satellite view. Had no idea those were there. No longer paved of course, but the patch of grass between the gas station on Lockwood and the fast food place gives an idea of where they were.
  14. I don’t understand the objection to this development. It’s a townhome development meant to increase density near a major street with a bus line (OST) and near light rail, across the street from a park and maybe a block or two away from a preexisting medium-sized apartment complex. I understand preserving neighborhood character, and would object to something like this in the middle of the neighborhood, but this isn’t it.
  15. Of course, but I assume there are at least some discussions between different entities who are working to develop a blank slate area such as this. I also seem to recall that Midway has been involved in broader discussions regarding the pattern of development of the area in general given the push back the project initially received from groups within the Fifth Ward, so (to me at least) it seems plausible that they would support affordable housing developments going up in the immediate area in exchange for an implicit agreement to limit the height of those developments for the benefit of East River. However, I don’t work in the industry so what do I know?
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