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  1. Par 3 Golf Course / Ice House and others concepts would be good. @CREguy13, I would think they are adding a Renewable Energy company for sure due to the Opportunity Zone inclusion in the recent Grand Energy Storage Challenge by the DOE. Lots of ways they can flex their muscles here. Hopefully the city and state can support them in their plans to grow.
  2. Good on them for doing this... Also they brought The New Potato bar from next door over to make specialty drinks for people. Smart move by East River to keep local businesses alive.
  3. In 2014 the community tried to push through 240+ affordable homes to help build up the MDI site and surrounding infrastructure. We thought of this as a WIN-WIN-WIN (Developer, Residents, Goverment). The affordable homes would be scattered and would blend in with the newer townhomes being built. There would be a sense of shared community through social income. As Market Rate residents move in and get to know their neighbors they would talk to them and share economic ladders. The govement would re-do some badly needed sewage and drainage near the MDI site (Bringhurst, etc) and frank would use some of this money for roads/power/etc. This was voted on at a Superneighborhood Council Level and approved. This was voted in by the City. But..... it was denied by Harold Dutton. Because Frank didnt pay money to his last campaign. Politics and who is getting paid on the back end of these deals matters more than people actually being helped. https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/morning_call/2014/02/houstons-fifth-ward-redevelopment-efforts-continue.html?page=all
  4. Correct. I think it is 160 acres. Probably about 80-100 full time jobs. Still with the amount of land they have available here, adding 250 acres adds ~10% to their land... and its on the side of the property that will be built first. This would be a fantastic place for Elon to move his HQ along with manufacturing. There is ample space and growing real estate/schools/technical resources..
  5. I believe IKEA will be right next to that. I wonder if it is in the tax free zone next to rail?
  6. Agree that Clayton Homes residents are our neighbors.... However, when you can track crime back to your neighbors home consistently, you may not be so eager to see them get a new home closer to you. Unfortunately there was not a reasonable voice in the Buffalo Bayou East Sector Planning session and the constant feedback they got from 5th Ward residents north of I-10 was "We need affordable housing". So this is what you get when people with too much time on their hands get involved in local politics and people working 40-60 hours a week dont have the time to attend these 3pm meetings on a tuesday.
  7. New virtual tours added to website... I dont know how to link!!! Seperated out by Retail and Office tours. https://eastriverhtx.com/
  8. Frank's MDI site development has already started. He will is working from West to East it looks like. There are townhomes going up called Bayou Fifth which is the name for the whole development. Expect this to take the next 5-8 years to totally build out if the market gets better.
  9. It's the perfect spot for an HEB. Hopefully this doesnt turn into another midtown Fiesta. The homeless population is horrible here 2-3 days a week.
  10. I miss swamplot... This picture would be front and center on their website showing this old brick building being dwarfed by this large multi-use complex. Crazy picture
  11. Maybe connecting a water or sewer line. They are also using the site for sherrifs office parking for the downtown jail.
  12. So originally the whole MDI lot was supposed to be called Bayou 5th and but it is interesting that they are just doing 1 block of 30 something townhomes with this name.
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