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  1. Hindesky, why hasn't the company that owns the crane taken it down? If I lived across the street from that I would not feel comfortable with an unattended crane across the street.
  2. Yes, it is. Sorry I wasn't paying attention to what I wrote
  3. Hindesky next time your in the neighborhood you should swing by the Weingarten's estate at the corner of Oakhurst and South MacGregor and get some shots of this amazing estate under construction. It's as impressive as some of the other projects you shoot. I'd love to see some aerial shots of the property.
  4. That's not completely true. I've watched a competition marching band that rehearses over there, and they're quite entertaining. It is for the most part reserved for TSU. I don't think that will change for years. TSU doesn't have that much room on campus to build a football field or a baseball diamond. I think they play their football games at the Dynamo stadium. At least they did for a while. I worry about bad golfers when I drive through Hermann Park and windshields sometimes. Maybe they plan to put up some kind of netting to keep foul balls off the street.
  5. This should help the Farmers Market gain a little more traction.
  6. That doesn't look deep enough to be a pool. Looks more like a drain for landscape drainage, or perhaps a fountain.
  7. Auberge Hotels, is getting ready to break ground on their 30 story residential tower and hotel in the RO on the corner of Buffalo Speedway and West Alabama. This will be a major addition to Houston's hotel inventory. Auberge is owned by the Freidkin Group out of Houston. They have luxury hotels around the world. I'm sure Monarch is familiar with this group. They have the Commodore Perry in Austin, a beautiful estate on a ten acre cite just north of UT, on Red River. They also own the Bowie, in Ft Worth, across from The Kimbell, and The Modern on Camp Bowie. They are also building a Hotel on Turtle Creek in Dallas. They own Gulf States Toyota, the production company that produced, "Killers of the Flower Moon". They also own Italian football team Roma. This will be a major get for Houston. My son works for Auberge in Austin as the GM of their restaurant. It's an amazing property, if I do say so myself. Having stayed there recently, I highly recommend the Perry.
  8. How times have changed in Riverside Terrace. Average home prices are over $500K and many are selling for over a million now. I'm happy to report that work has resumed on the Weingartens mansion. They took the brick off and are replacing with stone. It's going to be an amazing residence on one of the most incredible 5 acre properties in Houston. For anyone curious this is just a couple of blocks east of Scott. And how many neighborhoods are home to a pair of Bald Eagles. They live in Parkwood in a small but incredibly beautiful park of the same name. If you drive down South MacGregor towards Scott you can often see them up in a tall pine tree just across from the bayou where the corten pedestrian bridge crosses Brays. In The west end of the big white house garage at Rio Vista for anyone interested.
  9. Glad to see this moving forward. This will be a nice addition to the neighborhood.
  10. While this is disappointing, Rice is still going forward on a new master plan for the village and their western campus and stadium.
  11. I believe I brought this up last May and no one believed that there was something askew.
  12. There is a new master plan being developed by a major Houston firm for Rice University's property in the Village. It's all in the early planning stages and it will be a Rice Village Game Changer for sure. Thats all I can say.
  13. I'm curious how this ended up in Going Up, instead of Points North where all of the other stories about projects in the Woodlands are located.
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