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  1. Dolce and Gabbana seems to be opening a decently sized store in the Galleria above the Vuitton store, does this mean they are leaving ROD? They seem to be combining 3 spaces on L2 but I can't tell if it is a temporary store or if they are trying to make L2 have the same caliber of stores as L2. Side note, I think the Prada store is temporary so where is the real store going?
  2. What a ridiculous statement, deadly speed as if anyone has died here. A whopping 33 miles per hour? Huge win? I guess we should all just revert to living in our ancestral villages and ride horses around for "safety" reasons. A horse buggy literally travels faster than the speeds I assume you would like everyone to travel at. Edit: I'm all for this project but claiming every single road needs traffic "calming" is just getting old*
  3. I don't think it's that simple, I bet since the street is rather wide there is a good amount of "minimum setback" and the fact that is is next to an intersection and the metro rail made the city probably not want 5 separate driveways so close to the corner but I'm not totally sure. I would have put the driveway in the back of the homes but anyways.
  4. It's not their fault that they put up something so cheaply with poor signage, poor illumination, and no reflectors in a road?
  5. You shouldn't waste your time arguing with these two, their ideal cities are Havana and Pyongyang where no one has a car, everyone uses a bus or walks, nothing is economically produced, and everyone hangs out at their neighborhood refresqueria/bodega because there is basically nothing else to do.
  6. Yes because Main St. is definitely thriving, it has way less business now than it did 10 years ago. All the streets that have had this "intervention" such as Main, Fulton, Harrisburg are all dead and economically depressed. Even in downtown with high density development Main is nothing to boast about. All these things do is drive people further out to areas that actually cater to what they want.
  7. The style is identical to InTown/Lovett stuff being built and I think they might be involved.
  8. This is by no strech a beautiful block with a vape shop, self storage, gas station and billboard like a few lots down. That lot has been empty forever and the density really should increase as it's very close to the MLK light rail stop. Runoff lately has been addressed by city code so I don't find any issues with this project. Although I do agree that most new houses in that back area have been very shoddy construction .***
  9. This is literally the whole concept of tenement housing .. Multiple rented rooms with shared kitchen/bathroom. I mean I think its a great idea from an affordability standpoint but there's probably a reason they were totally phased out in the US ..
  10. I think you need to direct you anger at our ridiculous minimum setbacks and parking requirements. Anything you like about Amsterdam is probably not legal here under our present building codes. Keep in mind even applying for small variances can be very expensive.
  11. Fulshear is going to develop much faster in my opinion due to westpark tollway and expansion of I-10 again up to Columbus. I would say it's like 5-10 years behind current cypress. Infrastructure and subdivisions are being laid out pretty quickly along with lots of roundabouts etc .
  12. It's literally just I-Beams and cement, a few months won't do anything. What are they supposed to do, cover it in a giant tarp?
  13. Yes so the streets can look dead like Harrisburg and Fulton do now ..
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